Happy Nerding FX AID, New Multi-FX Processor With 32 Effects Based On The Spin FV-1 Chip

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Happy Nerding FX AID is a new compact 4HP stereo multi-fx processor Eurorack module with 32 onboard effects based on the Spin FV-1 chip

Small Eurorack modules are getting richer in features and some manufacturers have been showing nicely this in the last few months. One of these companies is the Ukranian Eurorack developer Happy Nerding who has today announced the FX Aid, a new super-compact stereo multi-fx processor in just 4HP.

The module is based on the good known Spin FV-1 and offers 32 unique audio effects arranged in 4 banks of 8 effects. For example, Erica Synths Black Hole DSP2, which I recently tested, also uses this chip

Happy Nerding FX Aid

Effects are changed using two small buttons on the module. It includes also three effect controls as well as an analog dry/wet control knob with a dedicated CV input. Additionally, you can assign a CV input to effect controls or to the sample rate reducer to change the internal clock.

Further, four user storable presets are available where you can store a selected program with all three controls. According to the developer, it is possible to route a mono signal in the module and get a stereo signal out. The effects are:

  • bit-reducer, sample rate reducer
  • delays: mono, ping-pong, freq shift, pitch shift, tape, comb, HP, LP, magneto, reverse
  • delay to reverb, delay to single shimmer, delay to dual shimmer, vowel
  • filter vowel, flanger, flanger barberpole,
  • freq shift, freq shift dual, freq shift barberpole
  • phaser switched, phaser classic 12, phaser classic 6, phaser barberpole
  • pitch shift, pitch shift dual, pitch shift barberpole
  • reverbs: black hole, bloom, chorale, cloud, depth, emt250, parking, freeverb, gate, gate time
  • reverb gray hole heavy, gray hole light, hall chorus, hall chorus 2, hall mid, infinite dark
  • reverb phaser 6, plate narrow, plate classic, plate stereo, reverse, room,  shimmer combo, shimmers
  • reverb shimmer: dual, dual delay, input dual, input single, single, single var
  • reverb spooky, spring, metallic, space station, swell dry, swell wet, vocal

Happy Nerding FX AID will be available soon for pre-order for $200/180€ and available in two months (estimated).

More information here: Happy Nerding

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