AIR Drum Synth or Dawesome LOVE granular multi-FX for FREE with every purchase at PB

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Get AIR Drum Synth or Tracktion Dawesome LOVE granular FX for FREE with every purchase at Plugin Boutique during Black Friday

It is already standard to get a gift on top when buying a plugin from an online retailer. These promotions are known as GWP (gift with purchase). In the plugin area, this has made Plugin Boutique big. Other shops later followed with similar gifts for their customers.

During their November promotion, you can get a license for Excite Audio Vision 4X, or Ujam Mellow 2, or Universal Audio LA-2A tube compressor. I think everyone got the latter during the free UAD promotion in October. For Black Friday, Plugin Boutique upgrades its GWP offer with two super interesting plugins.

Air Drum Synth Dawesome Love

AIR Drum Synth Dawesome LOVE

For Black Friday week, there are two additional plugins, so you can choose from five plugins. 

AIR Drum Synth features the drum synth engine of the MPC hardware series and Force in a virtual instrument plugin. It gives you the same eight individual instrument engines/parts as the Akai hardware: kick, snare, percussion, tom, crash, hi-hat, and ride.

The engines are based on various synthesis technologies, including FM, virtual analog, physical modeling, and sample-based algorithms. This allows you to craft your custom drum sounds from scratch.

Air Music Tech Drumsynth

Then, you can shape them with various sound shaping FX processors: transient shaper, tuning, EQ, compression, delay, reverb, and more.

AIR Drum Synth also has a dedicated mixer with independent controls for perfect sound mixing. If you want to get started straight away, the plugin offers 52 ready-to-use preset kits, from classics to new creations. All in all, this is a plugin that gives every DAW new drum creation abilities.

Dawesome LOVE

If you like ambient sounds, you should take a look at the second new plugin in the Plugin Boutique GWP list. 

Dawesome LOVE is a multi-FX processor designed for atmospheric, dreamy sounds.

The core is a real-time granular processor with advanced functions like sample chopping, grain size, etc. On top, you can add a multi-FX processor chain to the granular project. Some algorithms come from Peter’s previous innovative Synthesizer plugins Novum or Abyss.

It includes a resonant filter, a positive/negative pitchable shimmer effect, a syncable delay, a flexible chorus, an atmospheric cloud reverb, and phaser. 

Further, there are smart randomization functions, allowing you to explore new effect settings in seconds. An excellent plugin that I will get myself because I always wanted to try it out. After Novum, Abyss or KULT,  I became a big fan of Peter, aka Dawesome’s plugins.

How Can I Get Them?

Simply. You have to buy something in the Plugin Boutique Black Friday sale, no matter how much it costs. 1€ or even 100€. Then, in the shopping cart, you have to choose which plugin you want to get for free. My choice will be Dawesome Love. 

There are a lot of deals that are now even more attractive. For example, the U-he 50% sale. 

The Plugin Boutique Black Friday sale runs until December 5th, 2023. The AIR Drum Synth or Dawesome LOVE granular as gift with purchase are available until November 30th, 2023.

More information here: Plugin Boutique

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