Deal: save up to 78% OFF XILS Lab Synthesizer and effects plugins + 15% OFF on top

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Deal: for a limited time, you can save up to 93% OFF on XILS Lab Synthesizer and effects plugins for macOS and Windows.

If you look at the clock in Europe right now, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are officially over. However, many deals remain active. A complete list, updated again, can be found here.

Everyone had their highlights. One of mine is the current deal from the French developer XILS Lab. Not on the official website, but on VST Buzz, you can get the XILS Lab plugins with an up to 93% OFF discount. That’s a massive discount if you know what quality they have and what they regularly cost. 

Deal Xils Lab plugins

Deal XILS Lab

XILS Lab is a small software company from France run by Xavier Oudin, who was a developer at Arturia in the early days, more precisely, until 2006. In 2008, he founded XILS Lab and continues to make plugins to this day. 

I’m a fan of his work, especially his Synthesizer plugins. Especially the PolyKB III or its EMS VCS 3 emulation. A downer of his plugins is the registration with iLok hardware or software. It’s improved since the software solution came out, but I’m still not a fan of it.

Over the Black Weeks, VST Buzz has massively discounted the XILS Lab plugins by up to 93% OFF discount. You can get this discount by entering the code buzzblackfriday23 on top in your shopping cart. Please note that the prices stated do not include VAT. This gives you better prices than at other shops like Plugin Boutique.


  • KaoX (Synthesizer with FM synthesis, VA, and chaotic modulation): 90% OFF (38,25€ + VAT instead of 199€) 
  • PolyKB II + III (Poly Kobol emulation): 90% OFF (38,25€ + VAT instead of 199€) 
  • XILS 4 (EMS VCS 3 emulation on steroids): 90% OFF (38,25€ + VAT instead of 199€) 
  • X 505 (Roland RS-505 emulation): 87% OFF (38,25€ + VAT instead of 167€) 
  • PolyM (Moog Polymoog emulation): 87% OFF (38,25€ + VAT instead of 167€) 


  • 201 Vocoder (Sennheiser VSM 201 emulation): 87% OFF (38,25€ + VAT instead of 167€) 
  • Chor’X” (vintage BBD-style chorus effects): 93% OFF (15,3€ + VAT instead of 83€) 
  • 5000 Vocoder (EMS 5000 emulation): 87% OFF (38,25€ + VAT instead of 167€) 

Not all plugins are included in this special deal. There are more deals on Plugin Boutique and the official website.

The VST Buzz deal on the XILS Lab plugins is valid until December 7, 2023. Use the code buzzblackfriday23 to get an additional 15% discount on your purchase. 

More information here: VST Buzz

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      • 15% off 83 EUR , or 15% off 18 EUR? That’s the difference between 90 and 80% more or less.
        I tried to emulate such purchase to figure this out, but the webshop didn’t allow me to enter the additional 15% so I can’t tell.

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