Producertools LED patch cables for Eurorack, save 20% during Black Friday

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Producertools intros new handy bi-color LED patch cables for Eurorack, for Black Friday you can save 20% OFF on your order. 

If you work with a Eurorack Synthesizer, patch cables from the core in addition to modules and a case. Every musician has his own workflow how to use them. But it all starts with the length and the colour. Many use cables in a wild and colorful way. Others use a color coding system to separate the audio and CV signals from each other.

The young Viennese company Producertools recently presented new lovely patch cables. Simple cables would not be worth an article, to be honest. But these are special.

Producertools bi-color LED patchcables

Producertools LED patchcables

Once plugged in the jacks of your modules, they light up in bi-color like a Christmas tree. It’s not a completely new idea but one that is circling around for some time. The cables looks great. Especially helpful if you want to get more feedback on the signal.

According to Producertools, they developed them from ground-up to get the best results. Knowing that such cables can lose a bit voltage from the signal. On modulation signals like LFOs, envelopes.. it’s fine but for pitch, it could be a problem. PT promises that there is “no measurable interference” in the signal. I’m not sure if this entirely true but I hope it as it would be great.

Black Friday Deal

Producertools LED patch cables are available now in different colours for 24.90€. During Black Friday, you can use the code SYNTHANATOMY at checkout to get a 20% discount on your order. A pack contains 5 cables with black or transparent cables of 50cm in length.

More information here: Producertools 

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  1. I bought 10 of them last year.Great stuff; brings life into your modular and makes debugging much easier.
    Just don’t use them in the V/Oct path as there is a voltage drop, or in some rare cases (like on the gate out of the Behringer 2600) it changes the behaviour slightly.

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