Lambda Synthetics PolyPulse, new algo-rhythmic synth and sampling groovebox, now on Kickstarter

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Lambda Synthetics PolyPulse, previewed at Superbooth 23, is a unique groovebox powered by algorithmic sequencing, synthesis & sampling. Now on Kickstarter.

Every year, Superbooth 23 is the biggest celebration of synthesizers. With tons of new product announcements. So much that the media can’t feature everything. I would probably still be there today to cover. 

One of the highlights that I unfortunately missed visiting is the PolyPulse. It’s a new wild groovebox from the young Dutch company Lambda Synthetics, led by Ward Slager. This is now on Kickstarter, and waiting for your support. A perfect moment to take a new look at PolyPulse. 

Lambda Synthetics PolyPulse

Lambda Synthetics PolyPulse

PolyPulse doesn’t look like your average groovebox. It looks like it was found in an old nuclear bunker. The design stands out and is immediately distinguishable from many other grooveboxes available on the market: very industrial look, old-school big buttons, and all in a metal enclosure.

Synths, Samples, and Effects

The core is also fresh and exciting. PolyPulse has five tracks. There aren’t many, but they offer a lot of sonic fun. On each track, you can select a newly developed sound engine with up to eight voices of polyphony. Both synthesis and sampling are available and you can add effects on top of each track.

  • drum synthesis in the form of an analog-style synthesized drum kit with a kick, snare, clap, and hi-hat. 
  • stereo sample player 
  • subtractive synth with four oscillators, noise source, harmonic ring modulation, and a 24dB lowpass filter or 12dB morphing filter.
  • 4-OP FM operator with algorithms that can be customized and are morphable.
  • additive synthesis with up to 32 sine waves per voice (digital sounds and glitchy textures)
  • physical modeling synthesis with noise and samples as excitation sources.

Lambda Synthetics PolyPulse

Then, you can mangle each track with up to four audio tracks. Additionally, four effects are available in the master bus. 

According to the developer, PolyPulse has a multi-channel audio effects system, giving you total freedom over the effect routings (to the mix of the sound engines, individual voices…). This makes spatial audio setups with up to eight speakers possible.

Available are: amp mod (multi-channel tremolo), compressor. degrade tape simulation, delay, multi-algo drive, granular delay, filter, mono mixes, multiband, reroute, and stereo spreads.

Algorithmic Sequencer

A highlight of the PolyPulse groovebox is the sequencer. In each of its 5 tracks, it hosts an algorithmic sequencer controllable by a set of parameters. Instead of traditional sequencers, it allows you to quickly create a variation on a groove by turning just a single knob. 

Ward Slager of Lambda Synthetics promises that the algo sequencer is free from conventional limitations. Including a number of steps a sequence can have, specific time signatures, and can use custom tuning systems.

Each pattern can have its own length and patterns on different tracks can shift against each other, creating constantly evolving melodies. All this is done via knob-per function as possible with 16 hardware encoders and without menu diving. That sounds very exciting.


The hardware is also very dense. 32 HQ encoders, with coarse and fine-tune control, five capacitive touchpads, 13 metal-shaft potentiometers, and 65 key switches, give you hands-on control. There are also touchpads for morphing between four presets and sounds.

On the connection side, you get four audio inputs for sampling, eight audio outputs, two microphone inputs with pad and gain controls, and a headphone socket. Full 5-pin MIDI is onboard as well as various trigger ins and outs.

Lastly, there is an RJ45 ethernet connection that supports OSC and is used for firmware updates, and sound management.

First Impression

A lovely project. Five tracks might be weak, but the built-in engine makes the whole thing exciting. Looking forward to seeing more demos of it.

You can support the Lambda Synthetics PolyPulse now on Kickstarter for 1999,99€. The developers estimate to start shipping in September 2024. 

More information here: Lambda Synthetics / Kickstarter

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  1. I don’t know what it is with a lot of new kit these days, a weird feeling, almost like the ’emperors new clothes’ vibe.

  2. The raw look of this device is interesting. One thing I would have designed differently is the usage of track volume faders next to each touchpad instead of potentiometers above them. Sure though, it is a very small company and they wanted to achieve an acceptable price.

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