Behringer PRO-VS Mini 1.1, new firmware adds new oscillator modes, and more

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Behringer packs the concept of the Sequential Prophet VS into a compact, 4-voice $99 hybrid vector Synthesizer with analog filters named PRO-VS Mini.

In the last few months, the Behringer PRO-VS Mini has moved into the studios. It’s a $99 mini hybrid Synthesizer that is heavily inspired by the Sequential Prophet VS. 

Just recently, they published firmware 1.1 which adds new features. 

Behringer Pro-VS Mini 1.1

Behringer PRO-VS Mini 1.1

The new firmware 1.1 for the Pro-VS Mini introduces several new features, expanding the sonic range of the synth. The most significant new addition is three modes in the vector oscillators. You can choose modern, bright, and vintage, each with a distinct sound character.

Vintage turns the PRO-VS Mini into a vintage, lo-fi synth. YouTuber Starsky Carr says it doesn’t turn it into a Sequential PRO-VS but rather into a lo-fi machine. It also adds a good amount of aliasing. Modern does its own thing, while “modern” bright takes it to clean-shaped waveforms.

Then, you get a new master tune control for fine-tuning the instrument in adjustments from 432Hz to 448Hz. There are also new MIDI improvements: patches now be changed via MIDI, and the filter envelope now has a dedicated MIDI CC#47 control. Other new additions are:

  • pattern and program management: The new parameter enables you to link and unlink pattern and program numbers. to suit your needs.
  • improved key #16 Sensitivity: Enhanced sensitivity on Key #16 for greater consistency.

You can update your Pro-VS Mini to firmware 1.1 via Behringer’s synth app.


Article From June 30, 2023 

In 2022, Behringer announced the Pro-VS Mini, a compact hybrid synth built on the Sequential Prophet VS engine.

Today is the first update to the Pro-VS Mini in a year. No news about when it will be released, but a long sound demo that can already convince.


Article Update March 15, 2022

There are the first sounds! Behringer released the first sound demo of the Pro-VS Soul mini Synthesizer late evening. Sounds interesting at first glance.

Behringer Pro-VS Sound Demo


Article February 24, 2022

It seems like today is Behringer Day. After seeing the UB-Xa D desktop synth for the first time, another new Synthesizer is making its debut. And it’s a surprise

Behringer introduced the Pro-VS via a Facebook post, a compact hybrid vector Synthesizer.

Behringer PRO-VS Mini

According to Behringer, the Pro-VS is a 4-voice polyphonic hybrid vector Synthesizer. You can clearly see where they got their inspiration from. The colors and layout are reminiscent of the legendary Sequential VS from 1986.

How exactly Behringer recreated the engine is not known, but we know that it has four voices and is a hybrid. Thus, we can expect digital oscillators and Curtis-style digital-controlled analog filters like on the original, with the difference that he has four instead of 8 voices. As with the original, waveforms can also be mixed with a 4D (ABCD) joystick. A highlight of the Prophet VS Synthesizer.

Behringer PRO-VS Soul

Then, you have oscillator controls for each layer, analog filter with cutoff & resonance controls, three envelopes, two LFOs, and more. The form factor is interesting. No replica in original size but in small and compact. It reminds me a lot of the Modal Electronics CraftSynth 2, which has a similar design. The same applies to the built-in touch-driven keyboard. Here, too, you will find other functions such as scales, mod routings and a built-in sequencer in addition to the notes

Behringer Pro-VS

On the connection side, you have a headphone output, sync, MIDI input, and a USB connection. A main output is missing here, which is a shame. I prefer if you have both.

Behringer’s Pro-VS is definitely a surprise. I’m curious how close the synth is to the original and how the developers have developed it further. Small, compact, portable synths are popular, so I think this one will be another big seller.

Behringer Pro-VS is available now of $99 USD/99€.

More information will follow here: Behringer

Available here for order


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  1. That thing looks a bit like a synth cake 🙂

    Letting a professional chef bake a cake looking like this will probably also cost you $99 or more which is crazy!

  2. Wow that is unexpected but I love it. This will go nicely next to my Volca Keys in the Itty Bitty Synth Committee corner.

  3. If it sounds anywhere near the original, it’s exactly what I need. Why Sequential continues to refuse the VS idea, I’ll never understand.

  4. While I’ll need to hear it to believe it, I’m predisposed to like it.
    I find the form factor quite interesting as I enjoy the CRAFTsynth 2.0.
    And I like vector synthesis. It can feel refreshing after hearing so much analog and pseudo-analog subtractive synths. In a way, that’s also connected to Modal’s small synth which uses a simplified approach to wavetable synthesis. By comparison, audio examples from Modal’s Skulpt SE have mostly left me underwhelmed.
    The fact that this one’s polyphonic makes it quite attractive, especially at that price.
    And speaking of price… People often focus on the price of the clones by this manufacturer as though it were “the best deal ever”. When you consider devices in the Volca series, the aforementioned CRAFTsynth 2.0, IK Multimedia’s original UNO Synth, and even the Artiphon Orba, there are other inexpensive synths out there which are as good of a deal as most of the Swiss guy’s offerings. That 100USD price point, though, is quite good for a polyphonic synth with an analog filter.

  5. Arturia’s version of the vs for the ipad is probably the most beautiful sounding iOS synth. Instant film soundtrack. I got it for $7 on sale. This looks fun though!

  6. I know ppl are hating on behringer for all these mini synths they announced and the company in general but I’m all for it tbh lol

    I want a mini synth army, ill have no shame having some fun with these lol

  7. Looks really good for the price especially.
    I like these mini synths so far – some interesting designs, not just copies of other synths.. mash ups maybe!

    Am curious to hear what that joystick does to the sound, didn’t really see more of that in the demo

  8. This is the appropriate price for the instrument,
    Music should not only serve those who can afford it.

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