TC Electronic Skysurfer Mini Reverb, A Compact Rich-Sounding Reverb For Little Money

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TC Electronic has downsized its Skysurfer reverb pedal and now offers the same three classic algorithms in a compact, mini format

Since the takeover of the Music Tribe (Behringer, the prices for pedals from the Danish effects specialists TC Electronic have slipped into the cellar. Today there are delay or reverb effects for less than 50 €. Often in mono but they offer a lot for the money. The Skysurfer Reverb, currently at € 31, is one of them.

This 3-algorithm pedal has now received an update. With the Skysurfer Mini Reverb, TC is showing a more compact version of their best-selling pedal.

TC Electronic Skysurfer Mini Reverb

TC Electronic Skysurfer Mini Reverb

There’s a lot to discover in this little pedal. Like the original Skysurfer reverb, it remains a mono reverb with three different reverb algorithms: spring, plate, and hall. I don’t think there is any need to explain what these reverb types stand for. Very classic algorithms and less extraordinary, or experimental.

The interface design is super simple. There is not much you can do wrong. It has three controls/knobs with which you can tweak the reverb. It includes reverb, mix, and tone. The reverb and mix controls set the amount of reverb you want to infuse in your sounds. The tone control acts a bit like a filter and can add/remove a little extra in the top end. With this, you can adjust the character of the reverb according to your wishes.

On the right side is also a three-way switch to select the algorithms

TC Electronic Skysurfer mini reverb


There is a single input & output on the back. So it stays mono also in the new more compact version. A bit of shame, a stereo version would certainly attract more Synthesizer players. It’s nice that the jacks are pointing upwards and not on the sides, which makes cable management much easier in my opinion. Further, you have a standard 9V DC, center-negative power supply input that only requires 100mA.

However, technologies such as tone print or mash cannot be found in this pedal.

At first glance a nice update for the original Skysurfer Reverb. Significantly more compact and space-saving. It’s obvious that TC Electronic has focused this new version again on guitarists here. However, I think it can also be very helpful to give skysurfing atmospheres to any analog mono synth.

TC Electronic Skysurfer Mini Reverb is available soon for $50 USD.

More information here: TC Electronic

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  1. Interesting but since it seems to add nothing to the already cheap and useful pedal isn’t it a way to soft-increase the price of the old one ?
    It could also just be a refresh of the old one because a key component stopped production and the internal designed had to be updated accordingly.
    But the 60% price increase is pretty harsh when the pedal is pretty much the same but with a few millimeters slimmer and grams lighter

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