Roland Cloud Juno-60 v2, free update with circuit mod and refined user interface

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Roland Cloud has published Juno-60 v2, a free update with new circuit mod functionality and a refined user interface with an interactive browser.

In April, Roland Cloud released updates for its Jupiter-4, Jupiter-8, and Juno-106 plugins. Among other things, Roland gave the plugins new high-resolution UIs and improved ACB engines.

Today, another plugin gets these v2 improvements. It is the Juno-60 plugin.

Roland Cloud Juno-60 v2

Roland Cloud Juno-60 v2

First, the Roland Cloud Juno-60 v2 remains in its core the same plugin as version 1, a Juno-60 emulation. But Roland has given the plugin some good improvements. The core is unchanged. This is still based on the ACB technology. But a new function makes the emulation more flexible and detailed.

Circuit Mod/Mod Shop

The new feature is called Circuit Mod and is hidden in the new Mod Shop. This allows you to intervene in the ACB emulation and make it sound even more like the original. The new Circuit Mod function lets you sweep through multiple trims using a single macro control. 

Along with the new Condition parameter, which simulates the effects of aging, you can dial in everything from a factory-primed instrument to a road-worn synth that hasn’t seen a tech bench in decades. So out of spec, like out of tune, wobbly, etc.  Perfect for crafting your favorite 106 emulations with the behavior like an original. 

Refined User Interface

Then, the Juno-60 v2 also shops with a newly developed high-resolution user interface suitable for modern DAWs and big-screen production environments. With a refined layout and new universal header, users will experience a more seamless interface, all while keeping true to the original design and workflow, says Roland Cloud.

Roland Cloud Juno-60 v2

New Interactive Browser

Another new addition is a new universal browser that invites you to browse, rate, and tweak sounds simultaneously. In the browser, you get essential parameters, allowing you to modify patches without opening the main UI. Including cutoff, resonance, level, full control over the amp ADSR envelope, delay/chorus, and reverb.

With the ability to adjust vital parameters directly from the browser’s integrated Tweak Panel, there’s no need to change views to customize sounds to your liking. That’s a very handy function. At the moment of the release of the article, there is no new video about the plugin.

First Impression

A nice update for the Juno-106 plugin. Thumbs up that it’s free for existing users. 

Roland Cloud Juno-60 v2 is available as a free update for existing users. The plugin is available as part of the Roland Cloud subscription or as a lifetime license for $199/229€. It runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows. 

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