Look Mum No Computer has opened his Museum Of Everything Else

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Look Mum No Computer has opened his Museum of Everything Else in Ramsgate that is packed with experimental and obsolete scientific and musical technology.

Look Mum No Computer’s Synthesizer channel is unique. Unlike many synth YouTubers, he does not focus his content on reviews but takes the viewers on a journey through DIY electronics primarily into old, rare audio technology. And every week he publishes new videos in which he explores them.

These videos range from simple presentations, music jams to complete new instrument developments. His never-ending journey through the world of obsolete music technology is informative, fascinating, and very entertaining.

Museum of Everything Else

Museum Of Everything Else

Look Mum No Computer wants to share his passion not only with the virtual but also with the real world. So he went one step further and created a public space for it. The Museum of Everything Else is born. It’s located in Ramsgate (UK) and is a museum/home for experimental and obsolete scientific and musical technology. The good news: it’s ready and open to the public.

A unique journey through the world of vintage audio technology awaits you here. I’m pretty sure you will most likely not find a Roland TR-808 or EMS VCS3 in the glass case. Instead, you will find old test equipment, amplifiers, vacuum tubes, and more. And of course the self-made instruments from Look Mum such as the mighty 1000 Mega Oscillator Drone Synthesizer or utterly unique Furby Organ.

When I get the chance, I’ll definitely visit Look Mum No Computer’s new museum. It looks exciting from the video. For those who haven’t made it there yet, there is an own channel about the channel in which he documented the way to the museum.


The entry to Look Mum No Computer’s Museum of Everything Else costs £7.06

More information here: MOEE

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  1. usa fan and want to go , Sam is genius at this stuff and music too. I teach electronics and his stuff is very good.

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