Analogue Solutions AMPLE, pin-matrix analog Synthesizer with all-star features

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Analogue Solutions AMPLE is a new pin-matrix analog Synthesizer with the best features of their recent products. 

If you look for analog synthesizers made in the UK, you can’t pass the boutique manufacturer Analogue Solutions. The company, led by Tom Carpenter, specializes in classic analog synths with modern addons. Among other things, they built the orange synth Fusebox, the Vostok, and the epic Colossus.

With the AMPLE synth, they have now introduced a new analog synth that incorporates everything that Analogue Solutions has made known over the last few years.

Analogue Solutions Ample

Analogue Solutions AMPLE

AMPLE is a new desktop analog Synthesizer with an angled, very flat design. Very elegant design. The synth combines the best features that Analogue Solutions has previously built into its synths. So a best-of or all-star synth.

The circuitry is based on designs dating back to the mid-1970s, and comes from the Fusebox synth, says Analogue Solutions. It consists of three analog VCOs, each providing a wealth of features and modulation features, including different waveforms, PWM, tuning, and more. Good, VCO3 can also act as a second LFO.

From here, it goes into a four-pole 24dB/oct lowpass filter with cutoff and resonance controls. Modulation side, it has two envelopes, each having full control over attack, decay, sustain, and release. Plus, you get two multi-wave LFOs where LFO2 has sync and a triangle wave output. Plus, VCO3 can be used as an LFO with saw, triangle, and square wave modulation signals.

Analogue Solutions Ample

Pin Matrix

A highlight is the modulation system. This work is done by a pin matrix known from the epic Colossus or Vostok synths. Instead of patching cables, you can discover the semi-modularity of the synth with pins.

Then, you have a VCA with a THRU, aka drone mode. So you can use it as a massive analog drone synth or as an effect processor. Yes, there is also an onboard effect processor. No unknown either.

Analogue Solutions has added a LoFi echo/delay processor from the Dr Strangelove, a desktop FX unit that AS released some time ago. It’s great for adding more character and life to the sounds.

Analogue Solutions Ample

Patternator, Touch & More

In addition to the analog sound engine, Analogue Solutions has incorporated another very good part of the Fusionbox Synth making a comeback in the new AMPLE synth. The sequencer is based on the Patternator, a vintage-style 16-step sequencer with clever additions like the interval generator.

Further, it has six built-in touch keys that each output a set voltage. Not only, you can use these to play the pitches of the AMPLE, but also using it as modulation signals.

On top, it comes with many audio and CV input and output sockets for patching signals in and out. The sockets also enable it to be easily used with Eurorack and other modular systems. They can be patched together.

MIDI is also onboard. It’s very simple, has SYSEX support, and gives you velocity control over the filter, for example.

First Impression

First of all, a very elegant synth. I really like the slim, flat design. It’s fresh and different. In terms of features, it’s more classic and nothing groundbreaking new. However, it offers parts that many people have in good memory like the patternator, the great analog sound of the oscillators, and more.

AMPLE is not cheap but offers excellent features that you don’t find in any other modern synths. For example, an analog pin matrix or the Patternator with its interval generator. In addition, it is handbuild in the UK, which also costs more to produce.

Analogue Solutions AMPLE is available now in limited quantities (10) for £1,999.00 on the official website. A stock is coming to selected dealers soon.

More information here: Analogue Solutions

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  1. Analogue Solutions, great sounds! But only a low-pass filter for all the money? Fusebox filter sounds fantastic and is more versatile, the Impulse Command’s filter is stereo for half the price. And this Uli Kobol(d) is also lurking, hard times…

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