AudioPilz live performance with good gear at Austria’s largest music shop Klangfarbe

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AudioPilz has recently played a “good gear” live Synthesizer performance for the largest music shop Klangfarbe in Vienna and Austria.

Florian Pilz, better known as AudioPilz to most people, is a Music Tech YouTuber. He became known through his video series Bad Gear, in which he reviews music tech gear with a lot of humor and entertainment that may become less popular. He mainly covers gear that was badly designed or simply failed on the market like the Akai TimberWolf.

And the way he approaches these products is refreshingly different and unique. He criticizes harshly them, at the same time he shows that you can make music with these. He wants to show that many products from the pad are wrongly labeled as bad gear, which I find an interesting approach. Yes there is bad gear, but not all.

The largest music house from Austria Klangfarben in Vienna recently invited him to a good gear live performance. Including the Dreadbox Erebus 3 and Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth. A very nice performance, can only recommend it.

Signal Zirkus

As some know, I am a “Luxemburger” who lives in Vienna. With good friends, I organize the music event Signal Zirkus where young musicians and bands can perform live electronic music. Whether EDM, experimental, IDM, or ambient, we are open to all electronic directions. Unfortunately, the Vienna stages have been closed for the past few weeks and months due to the pandemic.

So we decided to bring the artist to you via video-recorded performances and interviews. One of the guests was Florian aka AudioPliz who also did an excellent performance for the Signal Zirkus. And with an utterly unique gear setup.

More information here: Klangfarbe  AudioPilz 

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