4Pockets StringLab, new physical modeling string Synthesizer for iOS AUv3

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4Pockets StringLab is a new physical modeling string Synthesizer for iOS AUv3 that recreates hammered and plucked sounds.

Physical modeling is one of my favorite forms of synthesis because it allows you to create very organic and realistic sounds. Acoustic sounds such as bells and strings can be imitated very nicely with PM synthesis.

The developer 4Pockets recently released String Lab, a new Synthesizer for iOS that focuses exactly on this topic.

4Pockets StringLab

4Pockets StringLab

StringLab is a new physical string modeling Synthesizer based on Karplus-Strong synthesis. It uses carefully crafted waveforms and short bursts of white noise routed through a series of tuned delay lines. The delay lines have an internal feedback loop with filters to achieve this natural decay of harmonics from real instruments.

The new 4Pockets synth has an extensive sound engine, giving you complete control over your sounds. There are two exciter parts: the impact with multiple modes and the noise with many envelope-drive filters. It also hosts two resonator objects with feedback with eight bands per object with inversion. StringLab also offers four coupling modes. Other features are:

  • Supports Frequency Dispersion.
  • Feedback low/high damping 
  • per object body filter 
  • pitch deformity 
  • external live input mode

Further, it has a preset randomizer for instant sounds and inspiration and a built-in preset manager with a favorite option. Plus, it offers different color sets.

Important to note: String Lab does not emulate string machines or orchestral strings. The AUv3 plugin from 4Pockets allows you to explore the properties of string instruments and create synthetic sounds from them. It’s exciting to reproduce hammered or plucked strings and other percussive instruments using these acoustic characteristics.

First Impression

As a friend of physical modeling synthesizers, I am happy to see that there is a new AUv3 plugin for iOS. The engine looks solid, and I’m looking forward to exploring it. Hopefully, we can also get in the future a macOS Apple Silicon AUv3 version. 

4Pockets StringLab is available now for $14,99 and runs standalone and as an AUv3 plugin on iPads/iPhones. 

More information here: AppStore

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