AMSynths Diode-1, semi-modular synth based on Roland System 101/102 modules, new pictures

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AMSynths Diode-1 is an upcoming semi-modular analog Synthesizer based on clones/replicas of the Roland System 101/102 modules.

Here are new photos of the AMSynths Diode-1 Synthesizer and the developer also published the full feature set.

AMSynths Diode-1


  • Envelope Generator – “traditional but fast” ADSR
  • LFO – with three waveforms (triangle, sine, sawtooth)
  • S&H – with its own wide-ranging clock (0.25Hz to 400Hz)
  • VCO – with range switch and four waveforms (triangle, sawtooth, square, pulse)
  • The VCO has the sync feature of the 102 (strong or weak)
  • Noise source with white and pink colours
  • Ring Modulator, normalized to the VCO and LFO
  • High pass filter, 3dB passive design
  • Voltage controlled 24dB diode filter with self oscillation
  • Voltage controlled amplifier
  • Output stage that mixes a second input into a final output

AMSynths Diode-1

Article September 21st, 2023

Vintage synthesizer clones/replicas are very trendy. Expensive or even affordable. There is something for everyone. AMSynths, led by Rob Keeble, made a name for itself, working with Behringer on the ARP 2600 replica and other projects. In addition to helping with these projects, he also develops Eurorack modules based on classic synths.

His latest project is the Diode-1, based on parts of the iconic Roland System-100.

AMSynths Diode-1

AMSynths Diode-1

Diode-1 is a new semi-modular analog Synthesizer based on the circuits of the Roland System 100. But it is not a complete clone/replica. More precisely, Rob uses replicated/cloned elements from the Roland System 101 and 102 modules, expands in features, and puts them in a new synth.

It features a single VCO with various waveforms (tri, saw, square, and pulse), pitch control, sync, PWM, LFO, and more. A white or pink noise generator and an external input are also onboard. All three signals can be adjusted in level in a dedicated mixer section with sliders.

There is also a ring modulator replicated from the Roland System 102 modules. It’s pre-connected internally to the LFO and VCO. From here, it goes into the filter section consisting of an adjustable highpass and a lowpass filter with resonance. It’s based on a diode-based ladder circuitry and can be modulated with modulator, keybd, and ADSR signals simultaneously.

Roland System 100 101 102

Modulation side, you get an ADSR envelope, a single LFO, and an S&H generator, all based on the Roland System 102 module. Further, you have a VCA with a main output. The signal path is connected internally but can be modified via the built-in patch points.

You can’t see everything in the photo, but it looks like it will be a pure analog synth voice without MIDI or USB. So a Eurorack module that you can also screw into a case and use as a desktop synth.

First Impression

At first glance, it’s not a groundbreaking new synth. However, it is a nice analog replica or clone of the Roland System Synthesizer for Eurorack.

AMSynths Diode-1 will be ready in October 2023. Price TBA. Rob will probably show it at SynthFest UK 2023 in Sheffield on October 7th, 2023.

More information will follow here: AMSynths

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