Mela 2, New AUv3 Poly Virtual Analog Synthesizer & FX Unit For iOS

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Mela 2 by Nikolozi is an intuitive, straightforward designed 4-oscillator virtual analog Synthesizer and FX processor for iOS AUv3. 

Good news for all iOS users, there is a new Synthesizer with AUv3 support. Not a completely new one but one that we have known for a long time. Mela, a virtual analog synthesizer that was released in 2019, scored with a great sound and ease of use.

Now there is the successor to this synth with more features and an improved interface. It is not a free update but owners of the first version can upgrade using the bundle.

Mela 2 Synthesizer & FX

Mela 2 Synthesizer & FX

Mela 2 is a virtual analog Synthesizer with four oscillators, 2 VA-style filters, 3 advanced envelopes (adjustable curve, different modes (loop…), 3 tempo-syncable LFOs, and a built-in multi-fx processor. This can also be used separately as an AUV3 processor.

Mela 2 Synth

The synth engine uses four oscillators with morphable waveforms (saw, sine, square, triangle), and the ability to distort them using the shape parameter. It also comes with a modern phase distortion algorithm with an additional harmonics parameter. Another source is a noise oscillator, which sounds warmer than pure white noise according to the developers. You can also transpose, tune, pan, and set the level of each oscillator independently.

Then, the signal goes into two morphable self-oscillating resonant filters with lowpass, bandpass, and highpass. The routing of the oscillators is flexible and you can choose between 5 different oscillator-filter settings.

The signal flow ends in a multi-fx processor including distortion, phaser, chorus, flanger, and delay. No reverb, a shame. Also here, the routing is flexible and you can decide whether the FX will apply before filter 1, after it, or after both filters. On the modulation side, it features multiple modulators & MIDI sources powered by a modulation matrix. Available are envelope generators, envelope followers, LFOs, velocity, aftertouch, and more. The matrix supports both positive and negative intensities.

Mela 2 FX

The new version is also a Multi-FX AUv3, which means you have synth and FX with one purchase. The AUv3 FX version uses the same effects you already know from the synth. You can use a distortion, phaser, chorus, flanger, and delay.

Like the synth, the FX unit comes with a full-featured modulation matrix including different modulators. This gives you the option to set the effects parameters in motion.

Mela 2 looks like a solid virtual analog Synthesizer with AUv3 support. It’s not groundbreaking new or doing anything new than its competition. It is a classic synth with a straightforward UI design. The FX unit is a nice addition.

Mela 2 Synth & FX is available now at an introductory price of $9.99 USD (33% OFF) until March 29. It runs as an AUv3 Synthesizer and FX processor on iOS 14.0 and Apple M1.  Existing customers of Mela (1) can upgrade via the “upgrade to Mela 2” bundle in the Apple AppStore.

More information here: Nikolozi Pty Ltd

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