Crumar Spirit reissue, final info, price, and Hainbach documentary sound demo The weird but iconic Italian analog synth makes a comeback

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The weird but iconic Italian 2-oscillator analog Synthesizer Crumar Spirit from 1983 will make a comeback in 2023. 

Hainbach’s video is now online and shows all the details of the Crumar Spirit reissue. According to the developers, it is based on THD (through hole design) and not SMD and replicates the entire circuit of the original, including all the features and the missing MIDI.

The original was released in 1982, the year MIDI was invented. We know from which legendary developer. Since only very few of the Spirit were sold, the development was stopped, and MIDI was never added. Since it’s a reversed-engineered 1-to-1 clone/replica, the developers have not added MIDI in the new version. But it has CV/gate and is, therefore 100% vintage analog.

Crumar Instruments Spirit reissue 2023

The sad thing: the availability. As with the original, history repeats itself with the reissue. Only 100 units will be built of this beautiful analog synth. And will cost 3999€ so 4k€. Compared to the vintage ones (8k to 10k €), it’s a great deal. But that’s a lot of money for a vintage analog synth without MIDI.

So, it’s a release definitely aimed at anyone who would like to have a Spirit synth that exactly behaves and sound like the original. Nonetheless, a beautiful work and a great-sounding synth.

Article July 28th, 2023

We are still waiting for an official announcement from Crumar about the reissue of the Spirit analog synthesizer. But now there is light in the tunnel. Hainbach has announced a video for tomorrow in which he uses the new Spirit Synthesizer.

According to Hainbach video description, the Museo Del Synth Marchigiano teamed up with Crumar to bring this instrument back to life, staying as close to the original as possible. He also says that they fixed many of the mechanical and built issues of the original. If you click on the video, you get a 1-minute sound teaser of the new Spirit.


Article From July 7th, 2023

The 70’s and 80’s were full of analog monophonic and polyphonic synthesizers. Many of them are now legendary instruments that have shaped electronic music. At the front is Bob Moog’s 3-oscillator Minimoog. One of the more exotic was the 1983 Crumar Spirit that he developed with Jim Scott and Tom Rhea.

That was 40 years ago, and this instrument is making a comeback. I have exclusive information that Crumar is currently working on an authentic recreation of the Spirit Synthesizer. All in analog. It will be back on the market later this year.

Crumar Spirit

Crumar Spirit

The vintage Crumar Spirit was a weird, special analog mono Synthesizer. Yes, a complex synth that was nothing for getting started with analog synthesis. I don’t have the full details on the features now, but I think they’re the same as in the 1983 synth but refined and hopefully more stable.

I will feature two analog VCOs with different settings. VCO 1 is more simple with triangle, square; 30, 15, and five percent pulse and sawtooth, while VCO 2 is more “complex”. It has six waveforms, including 40, 20, 10, and three percent pulse, and sawtooth. The latter has a four-“octave” range (-1 -1, unison, +1 and +2).

There is also a white/pink noise generator, sync between VCO 2 and VCO1, and PWM. An original feature of the Spirit Synthesizer was the bass and wide functionality of VCO 2, allowing you to disconnect oscillator B from the pitch CV generated by the keyboard. For example, you can use it then as a modulator.

Dual Filter + Two Signal Paths

Then, there are two filters (upper/lower). The “upper” filter is a more classic lowpass filter with switchable 12dB (Oberheim SEM/ARP-style) or 24dB( Moog), customizable key tracking (formant, dynamic), and different filter triggering options.

The “lower” is the advanced one with four modes: out (filter is removed from the signal path), overdrive introduces a distortion between both filters, and transform filter L in a parametric EQ, bandpass mode without the distortion, and highpass.

A bit confusing is that Crumar has implemented two signal paths in its synth. The second passes all its sound sources through a ring modulator and a 6dB/oct lowpass filter. Plus, through another VCA.

Crumar Spirit

Advanced Modulation

Modulation side, you get two ADSR envelopes (filter, amp) with normal and inverted options for the filter envelope. Like the original, it will also feature the unique modulation core powered by a tricky Mod X and Shaper Y section, each equipped with a multi-type LFO with rate control.

For example, Mod X has different modulation sources, including different waveforms, S&H, or Shaper Y. There are also different destinations. Shaper Y on its side is a shapable triangular with four different modes. Some of these turn the LFO into an envelope.

Here, too, parameters can modulate but also create a kind of cross-modulation between Mod X and Shaper Y. The article would get too big to explain that. It already is., sorry. Further, you can mix both signal paths together, work with a 3-mode arpeggiator, and more. There are also three performance wheels for controlling the Pitch, Mod-X, and Shaper-Y modulation effects.

First Impression

The Crumar Spirit was and is a very unusual, bizarre analog Synthesizer from the past. On the one hand because of its original analog structure and on the other the many possible internal routings. For example, the LFO is used as a mod and shaper which themselves can also be modulated.  Sonically also unique and not comparable to Minimoogs and other mono synths of this time.

I’m glad that Crumar brings back this original synth I’m curious about all the details and price. Of course also on the sounds.

Crumar Spirit will be available soon for 3999€ and only 100 units will be made.

More info will follow here: Crumar 

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    !’m sure it will be a number one arround the world synth betwwen the monosynths. Top machine from italy built with passion, knowledge and tecnica.

    Thank you very much CRUMAR

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