Baby Audio Super VHS, LoFi multi-effects processor now available for iOS

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Baby Audio has turned its lovely LoFi multi-effects processor Super VHS plugin into an iOS app with AUv3 support. 

LoFi sound processors are very trendy. Not since yesterday but for two or three years. Just yesterday, Kai Aras of Numerical Audio published Artifacts, a new multi-fx processor for iOS designed for degrading and distorting your sounds in a nice vintage way.

If you can’t have enough processors like this in your iOS arsenal, read on. Baby Audio has ported its popular Super VHS plugin to iOS.

Baby Audio Super VHS iOS

Baby Audio Super VHS

Super VHS is a LoFi multi-effects processor that is inspired by the sounds of the 80s with slightly out-of-tune synths, warm tape saturation, gritty samples, and more. Baby Audio promises that it will add LoFi authenticity to whatever clean sound you run through it.

The iOS version is an exact port of the desktop plugin version. It consists of six unique “one-knob” effects including:

  • static noise generated by an internal synth
  • heat: analog-style tape saturator inspired by consumer-grade tape machines
  • shape: sample rate reducer inspired by 1980s 8-bit samplers
  • magic: 80s style widening FX inspired by the Juno chorus, but darker and deeper.
  • drift: pitch fluctuation LFO for unpredictable time and pitch shifting
  • wash: “bad hall” reverb inspired by budget-friendly 1980s rack units.

Each effect has just a single control making it a super simple multi-effects processor. However, at its core, it has multiple parameters.

With Super VHS in use, you can achieve a wide range of effects from subtle degradation to all-out destruction. So perfect to give a clean synth more analog, vintage-style character. And with the dry/wet mix control, you can easily find the best match for your sound.

First Impression

Glad to see another Baby Audio desktop plugin has made it to iOS. With Artifacts and Super VHS, two new LoFi effects have been added in under 24h to the AppStore. Both have differences and have different feature sets. But do essentially the same thing, degrading your tracks and adding dirt. You have to see which feature set you like better. Nonetheless, two exciting releases.

Baby Audio Super VHS is available now for an introductory price of $9,99 on the Apple AppStore. It runs as an AUv3 plugin.

More information here: Baby Audio / Apple AppStore

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