Praetereo, new evolving looper firmware for the Noise Engineering Versio modules

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The new free third-party firmware Praetereo turns your Noise Engineering Versio module into an evolving looper. 

With Versio and Legio, Noise Engineering has developed two super powerful platforms allowing users to exchange algorithms in seconds. A USB cable in, transfer firmware, and you’re done. What is particularly exciting is that this platform is also open to third-party developers.

On YouTube, the developer Negative Theology has published a new free fascinating firmware called Praetereo for the Versio platform.

Praetereo Noise Engineering Versio


The new firmware from Negative Theology is not an official release from Noise Engineering but directly comes from the Versio community. Praetereo is described as a random looper. It reminds me a bit of the Cosmos pedal looper from Soma Labs.

It can be used as a traditional sound on sound looper or as the chaotic brother that generates evolving loops. In the latter, it decides at random whether or not to record the audio, and removes whatever you put into it from its original context. From here, it creates a soundscape reminiscent of the source audio without quite being it. There is also a subtle vibrato effect built-in.

This chaotic recording technique quickly creates cosmic soundscapes without a delay or reverb in the signal path. On the control side, you get the following knobs:

  1. L buffer record probability (0-100%)
  2. R buffer record probability 0-100%)
  3. L record slice (1-1000ms)
  4. R record slice (1-1000ms)
  5. L feedback (0-100%)
  6. L feedback 0-100%)

Further, the button forces the recording while both switches set the buffer length of each side. The first sets the left buffer length to 12, 24 or 36 and the second sets the right buffer length to 11, 23, or 31. The algorithm takes CV ins from 0-5 voltage.

First Impression

A nice alternative firmware for the Versio modules. If you like to experiment with sounds and loops, you can probably have a lot of fun with it.

The new Praetereo firmware is not an official Noise Engineering release but from a third-party developer. It’s available now as a free download.

More information here: Modwiggler Forum

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