Cinematique Instruments Korn, free granular looper instrument for Kontakt 6

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Cinematique Instruments Korn is a new free granular sampler and looper engine instrument for the full version of Kontakt 6 +. 

The NI Kontakt sampler is a packed plugin with features and also the core of a fascinating ecosystem. But only for users of the full Kontakt version. There is a huge number of excellent free and commercial third-party instruments for it.  Why not Kontakt Player, see this article for more on this topic.

A new free powerful Kontakt instrument comes from Cinematique Instruments.

Cinematique Instruments Korn

Cinematique Instruments Korn

Korn is a new free Kontakt 6/7 (full version) featuring a granular, sampler, and looper engine in one virtual instrument. The strength of the instrument is simply to load your own samples into it. From here, you can access all the tools to manipulate your samples.

It includes classic sampler and granular features, including control over the sample start position, grain loop length & tempo, grain amount, and more. Then, you shape your sounds with built-in lowpass and highpass filters and refine them with a compressor, delay, and reverb.

Modulation, it has a single ADR envelope generator.

At your fingertips, you have all the parameters to turn your sound into a granular cloud or even create extraordinary textures. The main effects necessary to achieve the final beautiful results are provided with Korn, including a tasteful endless reverb, a complex delay, high and low pass filters, a chorus with additional stereo widening, and much more.

The virtual instrument ships with some samples to explore the granular/looper engine.

Looks like a neat engine for Kontakt 6. Too bad it’s not for the K6 player, but that’s to be expected.

Cinematique Instruments Korn is available now as a free download. It requires the full version of Kontakt 6 or higher and is not compatible with Kontakt 6 Player. No registration is necessary.

More information here: Cinematique Instruments

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