Error Instruments Brinta, a circling granular sampler for Eurorack with TINRS

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Error Instruments Brinta is a new fascinating circling granular sampler for Eurorack made in collaboration with This Is Not Rocket Science. 

Error Instruments regularly surprises with exciting modules with experimental twists. There are no classic oscillators or filters here, Paul Tas’ modules are bizarre and wild. A noise party is guaranteed here.

With Brinta, Error shows a wild 12HP granular sampler module that is developed in collaboration with Stijn and Priscilla of TINRS (This is Not Rocket Science).

Error Instruments Brinta

Error Instruments Brinta

The core of Brinta hosts a granular engine supported by a illuminated circle that reminds me of the Lúbadh looper module by Instruo. It  samples three-and-a-half seconds (one moment) and then cuts it into thousands of pieces. Yes, little grains of sound. So it’s not your mega granular sampler with epic long audio files, but more about small audio content.

It always works in stereo, but mono operation is also possible. For stereo, you need to half your grains and route them to the left and right channel. Alternatively, you can mix them externally for mono use or for using a half of it.

This sampling/granular process is lovely, visualized directly on the module in a circle, and gives you instant feedback about the audio content in different colors. Blue for high frequency, green for mid, and red for low. All the elements together form a white circle, and there is also white noise.

Once your sample is recorded, the white dot can run around the circle, spawning little golden heads playing your sample. The size of the grain is how long your play head exists.

Error Instruments Brinta

Switchable Functions & Controls

Brinta has different, switchable functions: cloud, chord, and Kid B.

  • cloud fluffs out the golden play heads around the white dot but has no effect on the pitch
  • chord splits the signal in a left and right sides with different scales. To the left adds up to six notes from a Major scale breaking into a Major 7th and then coming back down note by note; to the right you get much the same but in a Minor scale.
  • Kid B is the harmonics setting in honor of Kid Baltan and creates shimmering harmonic overtones.

On the front panel, you can adjust the speed of the white dot, the pitch of the golden play heads, X, the position of the white dot, and set the reset point. Further, you can save sounds in five memory slots.

First Impression

An exciting Eurorack granular sampler by Error Instruments. Find the layout excellent. Glad to see Error made another module with This Is Not Rocket Science.

Error Instruments Brinta is available now for pre-order for 250€ + VAT.

More information here: Error Instruments 

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