Chase Bliss Reverse Mode C takes the Superdelay algorithm on a multi-directional journey

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Chase Bliss Reverse Mode C is a new creative delay based on an algorithm found on their Superdelay made in collaboration with Empress Effects.

When developers collaborate, it is always exciting because the developer synergies come together—these newly created products then carry both developers’ DNA. Chase Bliss from the US likes to develop in collaboration. One of their first was the SuperDelay they did with the team of Empress Effects.

Surprisingly, Chase Bliss has launched the Small Batch Bliss series, which is a made-to-order line of special edition pedals. It’s not about limited quantities, , you have to order the pedal within the specified period of time to get one. For the first pedal Reverse Mode C, Chase Bliss has turned a special algorithm from its Superdelay into a standalone pedal with an expanded feature set.

Chase Bliss Reverse Mode C

Chase Bliss Reverse Mode C

The new Reverse Mode C core is based on an algorithm found in the Superdelay collaboration with Empress Effects from 2008. It was a pretty ground-breaking algorithm for the time. It’s a reverse octave-up echo that shifts up with every repeat.


Unlike the original, Chase Bliss has given the algorithm the digital control power we know and love from CB pedals, including the vast range of DIP switches.

The developers describe it as:

a fantastical mix of motion and space, which consists of an echo composed of multiple distinct voices that move in different directions – forward, backwards and up.

New Engine With Modulation And Sequencing

Reverse Mode C consists of three different echo voices that can be isolated and blended together in a variety of ways. There are six flavors of audio-rate modulators built-in taking your delays/echoes into new fields.

You can find frequency shifters (x2), vibrato, chorus, and tremolo (x2). The motion of these modulators can be synced to the delay time or free-running.

Chase Bliss Reverse Mode C

For additional synced motion, it hosts a built-in sequencer. The developers say:

Cycle between the different voices to create rolling echoes and a shifting stereo image. Have the sequencer run continuously for an additional layer of synced motion, or control it with your playing dynamics.

On the hardware control side, you get six knobs, four switches for flipping features, and two-foot switches. Chase Bliss also gave the pedal additional MIDI, C and expression controls, patch storage, and internal modulation of any or all its control knobs.

First Impression

A very fascinating creative delay/echo. Why do Chase Bliss pedals always trigger GAS “gear acquisition syndrome” so quickly? Maybe because they’re just ear candy. I don’t know but somehow you want to have them all in the studio. Here you have to decide quickly whether you want it or not.

Chase Bliss Reverse Mode C is available now for pre-order for $399 (US) and 469€ (EU). To get one you need to order direct from the Chass Bliss Audio store before August 31st, 2023.

More information here: Chase Bliss

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