Behringer PolySource, a Moog Source-inspired 8-voice polyphonic analog synth Status: draft

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Behringer has introduced the PolySource, a new 8-voice polyphonic analog Synthesizer inspired by the Moog Source.

I haven’t written an article about a Behringer product for a long time. Don’t you think so? Okay I think there is something interesting to write about briefly.

On Behringer’s never-ending journey through the world of vintage replicas, Uli’s team now took on the Moog Source. Behringer has today announced the PolySource, an upcoming analog polyphonic Synthesizer based on the Moog Source.

Behringer Polysource

Behringer PolySource

The Polysource is supposed to be another compact desktop analog poly synth in the form of the Pro-800. The Moog Source from 1981 should serve as a template here. A clone or replica of this Moog synth will probably not be since Behringer continues the whole thing.

More precisely, they want to raise the Moog Source circuits to the polyphonic platform with 8 analog voices, full patch memory, and for the same price as the PRO-800. According to Behringer, it’s just a draft made by a developer named Marc. Hehe, No, not Marc Doty.

The original Moog Source featured two analog VCOs (ramp, triangle, variable width pulse) and a noise generator as its sound generation core. Then, it offered a classic Moog lowpass filter with resonance, two ADSR envelopes (filter, amp), an LFO with square or triangle, and a built-in arpeggiator and sequencer.

Unlike the original, the Polysource will not feature a keyboard and no CV/gate connectivity. Too bad it’s another polyphonic Synthesizer from Behringer with only monophonic output. Stereo outputs would be much better with voice panning. Ok, there is a headphone output, giving you a stereo signal.

MIDI in is on the top panel, MIDI out/thru combo socket on the back, a footswitch input, and a USB port.

Behringer Polysource

Behringer Facebook Post

So Marc, one of our mad product designers, asked me to show his PolySource draft to you, which is inspired by the Moog Source. He stands right behind me and said he won’t leave the office until I have posted it as he wants to read your feedback over the weekend.

Marc is actually a pretty cool guy who was deeply involved in the PRO-800. Before I press the send button he said “tell the folks we could make this bad boy also with 8 analog voices, full patch memory and for the same price as the PRO-800.”

So what do you want to tell Marc? Go or no-go?

First Impression

I think it’s good that Behringer doesn’t clone/replicate the classic Moog Source here but continues the design with new features. Especially polyphony.

Let’s see when we see this synthesizer on the shelves. It took a long time until the Pro-800 was available. If you are interested, this will be back in stock at Thomann in 1 week.

More information will follow here: Behringer 

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  1. A different beast altogether: polyponic, ARP, 2 LFO’s , sub OSC, HPF, Ringmod, Xmod, FM filter…
    I hope they set the ADSR knobs for the filter and the VCA in 2 conventional straight rows, insteads of the two clusters in the current design. That would be awkward and counter intuitive.

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