Korg takes its popular Gadget app into the virtual reality (VR), now available

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Announced in 2021, the Korg Gadget VR, the virtual reality version of their popular music production app is now available. 

At the virtual NAMM 2021, Korg showed the Modwave, the ARP 2600 M, and the miniKORG 700FS. Two analog and one digital hardware Synthesizer, all released in the meantime. At the same time, Korg also previewed Gaget VR for the first time.

The wait is over today. The VR version of the popular music production app is now available.

Korg Gadget VR

Korg Gadget VR

As a reminder. Gadget is basically a simplified form of a digital audio workstation (DAW). It’s a super fun piece of software for macOS, windows, and iOS with over 40 instruments (synths, samplers, drum machines…), effects, and everything that can be sequenced within the app.

The range of included sounds is impressive, covering various synthesis types, classic synth emulations, etc. Gadget app is so popular due to its fast and intuitive workflow. It’s just fun to work with, also without any knowledge of a DAW. There is also a mixer that can be used to finalize the tracks. Once done, you can then export them as audio or as an Ableton Live project.

Korg is now bringing this successful app to virtual reality. Away from mouse or touch movements, here to controllers and movements.

Korg Gadget VR

In Korg Gadget VR, you will enter a virtual, three-dimensional space where the gadget instruments are arranged in a circle around the user. These can be controlled in real-time with your hands.

This creates an immersive production experience that offers a real performance character and thus takes creativity in the studio to completely new paths.

According to Korg, it requires a Windows PC, a VR headset, and they currently support the Meta Quest 2/Pro. A very limited set of compatible hardware. A pity that the new Meta Quest 3 is not yet supported.

Gadget VR was created with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, a world-renowned game engine that has been used in many fields besides games, such as video production and architecture.

First Impression

Playing musical instruments in virtual space could be exciting. Since you are not fixed on a little screen, you have it in front, in the back, yes everywhere. This will be a fascinating experience.  Glad that Korg finished the VR version after two years. Will the next step then be Gadget for Apple Vision Pro?

Korg Gadget VR is available now for 29,99€ on Steam and Oculus.

More information here: Korg 

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  1. I’ve always wanted something like this. If they release it on the PSVR2, I would buy it and never shut up about how awesome it is… hypothetically. Come on Korg! If the Switch has Gadget, PS5 can get Gadget VR.

  2. Gadget is also available for Nintendo switch. I double dipped on ios and switch. I do not want to think about how much i spent in total, but I have all instruments and almost all expansions for gadget and module pro. An insane breadth of sounds.
    Not sure about playing with vr contorted, but Korg managed to make it fun on Switch too. Curious to see which instruments are included.

  3. I requested a refund for this app. Not worth the $30 Korg is charging. App crashed several times on startup. I honestly need to call the developers out on this – it’s like they did the least they could to port mobile app to VR. Controls/interaction make no sense and you literally have to set focus state on a note in order to play it. UI visuals are best described as “crunchy”. By that I mean it is unreadable unless you’re inches away from a given virtual synth module. Message to Korg – don’t put crap like this out and charge money for it. It does nothing to further VR experiences and honestly hurts your brand. Try hiring UX designers and developers who are actually passionate about music production and VR. I suggest you look at competitive product like Virtuoso to see what actually comes off as feeling musical in VR.

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