PH Modular, 1U Module Brings Back The Behringer Neutron Back Panel Functionalities

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PH Modular makes the sacrificed back panel of the Neutron available again for all Eurorack users with the help of a 1U module extension. 

Behringer almost always sells its small, inexpensive analog synthesizers in a Eurorack case. In this, you have a MIDI interface, audio input/output on 6.3mm audio sockets, etc. If you take it out of its euro cage, you no longer have these functionalities. Yes, they are Eurorack compatible, but with a loss in features.

Good news. PH Modular from France gives you these back panel functions back in the form of an Intellijel 1U extension for your Eurorack case. Currently, only for the Neutron, others will follow.

PH Modular

PH Modular

The PH Modular extension gives you back the functions of the back panel as a module. It includes a power socket with a dedicated on/off switch, a USB port, MIDI channel select, MIDI thru, a headphone output with volume control, main output, and auxiliary input. The USB input is particularly important here, as firmware updates or functions can be activated conveniently from the rack. It is available in “Neutron” red and silver.

The use of the extension is only for the DIY experienced be careful. To make this fit nicely you need to desolder and remove the existing MIDI Din socket from the Neutron and replace it with the supplied TRS one. The developer ships an instruction for it but still it remains a DIY thing. And don’t forget, modify the Neutron or any other products PCB will break the warranty.

PH Modular

At first look, a very useful extension for the Neutron, especially if you have a case with a 1U row.

PH Modular 1U module is available now for 35€ (excluding shipping costs) and it will be delivered as a kit.

More information here: PH M

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