Mutable Instruments Stages, New Firmware Expands The Sequencer Mode

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Stages, Mutable Instruments ‘ multi-talent module for modulations has got an amazing firmware update that expands the 4-step sequencer mode.

Mutable Instruments Stages looks inconspicuous at first glance. But if you spend a long time working with it, it turns out to be a real modulation monster. It is a 6-stage stage segment envelope generator, LFO, and 4 step sequencer in one module. The melodic function (sequencer) of the module got an update that is available as a free download

Stages retains its 4 step sequencer, but it has new functions. You can access this extended sequencer, simply by putting an extra segment (RAMP/HOLD) at the beginning of your sequence. To illustrate, enter this group RAMP, STEP, STEP, STEP, STEP. With this code, the new sequencer world of the Stages opens.

Mutable Instruments Stages Sequencer

Extended Sequencer Functionality

Starting with the knob of the first slider that controls the playback mode of the sequencer. It includes forward, backward, pendulum, random, and addressable. The Gate input works as a clock except when in addressable mode where the TIME/LEVEL CV input is used otherwise it’s used as a reset. There are three variants for the first segment:

  • HOLD, no quantization, and the output range is full (a range of 0 to 8V is selected by the slider)
  • RAMP, the output range limits to 0-1V, and the steps are quantized to semitones (ie, increments of 1/12V).
  • the segment with a LOOP, the playback, and addressive restricts to the loop portion.

Secret Marbles Mode

There is also something new about the Marbles module and that has its origin in a user problem. Someone asked in the Mutable Instruments forum about a LED flashing problem. This arose as an alternative firmware for the Marbles modules. So a kind of Easter Egg mode opens if you press longer on the mode switch.

  • Green blinking: “Independent Bernoulli”. It’s no longer an either/or choice between t1 and t3. The choices are independent, and both channels, or none of them can be on.
  • Orange blinking: “Deterministic divider/multiplier”. A clock division or multiplication ratio selected by BIAS is applied to t3, and its reciprocal is applied to t1. There is no randomness.
  • Red blinking: “Three states”. The module randomly selects between a trigger on t1, on t3, or on no output at all.

Unfortunately, there is no video about this undocumented mode, even not in the ultimate Marbles guide made by DivKid.

The new Mutable Instruments Stages sequencer firmware update is available as a free download from the MI forum.

More information here: Mutable Instruments

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  1. Also check the fantastic alternative firmware, with the new sequencer mode already included.

    With 6 easy selectable modes:
    Segment generator (original mode)
    Advanced Segment generator
    Segment generator with slower free-running LFOs
    Six DAHDSR envelope generators
    Harmonic oscillator, aka Ouroboros mode
    Harmonic oscillator with alternate controls

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