IceGear Kajita, multi-tap stereo delays & reverb bundled in a new AUv3 app, now for macOS

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iceGear goes into the depths of delays with Kajita, a new AUv3 app for iOS that offers multi-tap stereo delays in combination with a reverb.

And the iOS to macOS porting road is complete. After the release of Koshiba gate sequencer, iceWorks/iceGear has released an update for its unique and flexible delay/reverb iOS plugin Kajita making it macOS (Apple Silicon only) ready.

It started at the beginning of April with the port of the Nambu FM synthesizer. After 2 months all iceWorks/iceGear plugins are now available on macOS. And everything is a free update.

Article August 30th, 2021

When it comes to iOS apps that are inspiring and unique, the releases from Satoshi aka IceGear are at the forefront, for me. Regardless of whether it is a percussive Synthesizer like Mersenne or an effects processor, the apps always have a very unique feature set, intuitive design, and near-endless tweaking options. I just love the sonic and musical outputs of these apps.

So I’m all the more pleased to report today that there is a brand-new app from Satoshi. After Yukawa, iceGear focuses a second time on multi-tap delays but this time in combination with a reverb that promises very spherical sounds.

Icegear Kajita

IceGear Kajita

Kajita uses two-stage multi-tap stereo delays with reverb. Starting with the delays. The first delay stage has an “early reflections” section that is fully customizable with several parameters. You can find here settings for the pre-delay, density, lowpass/highpass filter, and more. Each delay tap is time-modifiable making it versatile and flexible to create not only classic delays but also chorus or other more unusual sounds.

The second delay stage has a total of eight taps with various modifier taps, including feedback, cross feedback, five output, and cross out. These give you a lot of freedom to create very advanced effects. The output taps are divided into two groups which are connected to filters and panners, respectively. Also, the three taps connected to the panner have their own filters.

Further, you have a saturator on the second delay stage giving you an additional option to add character to them. Satoshi says: “it is possible to create a sound in which the amount of distortion increases each time feedback is”. Besides the delay paradise, you have a reverb that offers control over the size, time, and highpass time. A cool addition is the ability to separately control the volume and filter of the early reflection sound and tail.


The connection is made easy. You can use it as a standalone app with AudioBus or Inter-Audio App. Or you can use it as a AUv3 plugin, the more exciting part, in a host application that supports AUv3 plugins. Also onboard is Ableton Link, and full MIDI support.

A nice app that will surely be fun for many iOS sound designers that search new ways for creating unique delays.

iceGear Kajita is available now for $6.99 USD on the Apple AppStore and runs on iPhone and iPad as an AUv3 plugin.

More information here: iceGear 

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