Eventide pedal sale: save up to 40% OFF on Space, TimeFactor, and more

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Eventide has launched a summer pedal sale with up to 40% OFF discounts on its classic effects pedals: Space, ModFactor, TimeFactor…

Eventide plays in the Champions League when it comes to hardware and software effects. Their classic  hardware pedals, such as Space, TimeFactor, and others, are particularly popular. Unlike an H9, these offer hands-on control over high-quality algorithms.

It’s summer, and Eventide has reduced its pedals by up to 40% for a limited time.

Eventide Pedal Sale

Eventide Pedals Sale

The company initially reduced the pedals in its official shop. The discounts are the following:

  • Space: $499 → $349 (30% OFF)
  • ModFactor: $499 → $299 (40% OFF)
  • TimeFactor $499 → $299 (40% OFF)
  • PitchFactor $499 → $299 (40% OFF)

A Deal?

A closer look at the deals shows that the prices are great for US customers. Mainly because Eventide is based in the US and ships from there. Thus EU customers must add taxes and import duties on the price. So the discount is no longer significant.

Is it now a deal for the US? If you look at the whole thing through the magnifying glass of a US consumer, you will notice that the pedals were previously sold for other prices in US shops like Sweetwater. So you get $50 discount on each pedal. Interestingly, Perfect Circuit, another shop in the US, says: save 40% OFF.

  • Space: $399 → $349 (12,53% OFF)
  • ModFactor: $349 → $299 (14,33% OFF)
  • TimeFactor $349 → $299 (14,33% OFF)
  • PitchFactor $349 → $299 (14,33% OFF)

For everyone who was looking forward to discounts in the EU. It doesn’t look like it at the moment.

Yes, Eventide has a pedal sale. However, you should see if it is really a deal. So for US people, it’s a good deal, for EU customers less. So if you want to buy a classic Eventide pedal in the US, now is the right moment.

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  1. Dear Eventide, if you decrease the price of your eurorack delay module “Euro DDL” to $250 – 275, I’ll consider it. Otherwise, $450 for a mono digital delay??? I want more guitar pedal companies to create modules because they KNOW fx but then they add mono inputs/outputs to their digital fx. Five years ago? Sure, but today there is a lot more competition in eurorack. Time to bring that price tag down a little.

  2. Thankyou for this article. I wish more sites and tweeters would report the reality of these “deals”. The truth is this is nowhere near “40pc off” for the vast majority of worldwide customers.

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