Befaco Morphader, quad audio/CV crossfader module for instant morph fun

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Befaco Morphader, a performance-oriented, flexible quad audio/CV crossfader with a clever design for hassle-free CV-controlled morph fun.

Summer, high temperatures, … you immediately think of the beach. Even more so when the Befaco team sends you an email announcing a new module. They have the beach on the doorstep in Barcelona.

After a few Rebel Tech module reintroductions (Lich, Klasmata, Phoreo, Logoi & Stoicheia), Befaco comes up with its own new development. It’s going in the direction of performance. It’s a quad crossfader.

Befaco Morphader

Befaco Morphader

Morphader (12HP) is a kind of “super crossfader” that consists of four CV-controlled crossfaders, each with their individual control. The master crossfader allows you to morph from A to B altogether. The module has four individual outputs, however the fourth is also capable to output the mix of all four crossfades thanks to normalization.

Each of the four channels has a pair of inputs, level attenuators, and a CV/Audio switch. Put a simple patch cable at an output and you can remove this channel from the mix. Very simple and witchcraft. This way you can achieve individual crossfades or a whole crossfade show without many hurdles. Morphader works with audio or CV, which means you can crossfade a quad CV/audio scene with a swipe to the right or left. Further, the module has LEDs per channel for monitoring the signals. Very handy.

Befaco says that it is a very performance-oriented module. I’m sure about that as you can quickly make your modular sound different with one move. Don’t miss Robin’s live stream with Befaco this evening on the Molten Music Technology channel where you a first look at the new modules. Including the Morphader the re-introduced Rebel Tech modules.

Befaco Morphader is available now for 235€ in an assembled version, 170€ for the semi-soldered kit, and 40€ for the PCB set.

More information here: Befaco

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