Superbooth 22: 4ms EnvelopeVCA modules, Mini PEG and Shuffling Clock Multiplier

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Superbooth 22: 4ms has announced a new range of envelopeVCA modules (EnvVCA, Dual EnvVCA & Dual Shaped EnvVCCA), a Mini PEG, and a shuffling clock multiplier. 

The Superbooth 22 starts on Thursday and Synthesizer manufacturers and visitors from all over the world will come to Berlin for the synth event of the year.

The US-based Eurorack manufacturer 4ms Company will also have a booth with 5 new modules.

Superbooth 22 4ms

Superbooth 22: 4ms Mini PEG & Shuffling Clock Multiplier +

The Mini PEG is a modern 8HP single-channel version of the classic pingable envelope generator (PEG).  It is capable of creating clock-synced LFOs and envelope channels. Nine waveshapes are available with smooth crossfading. A clock divider/multiplier (/32 to x16) controllable with a knob allows you to shape the clock.

It offers two operation modes: either you can trigger once (one-shot) or use the cycle mode. There is a tap tempo button, a clock input, and attenuvert & offset controls for the main output. It also has a dedicated +5V output socket for auxiliary modulation and an end-of-fall jack for triggering other events in sync.

4ms Mini PEG Shuffling Clock Multiplier

The second new release is a shuffling clock multiplier (12HP) with a built-in SCM breakout in a single module. It gives you 8 clock outputs with the option to multiply the incoming clock from 2 up to 8 times. Highlight are the built-in creative features allowing to manipulate clock signals. Including shuffle, slip, skif, and rotate.

It also comes with pulse width, mute and 4x fast controls. According to 4ms, it has a tighter timing than the original version and you can enable/disable the free-running clock mode.

The 4ms EnvVCA Series

For the Superbooth 22, 4ms also introduces a new series of feature-rich envelope VCA combo modules. Let’s start with the smallest, the 8HP EnvVCA which is a rise and fall envelope generator paired with a VCA. It offers linear waveshapes (ramp/triangle) controllable with sliders and 3-position rang switches (12ms – 20 min).

Connection side, it has CV control of rise and fall time with independent attenuverters and independent jacks for one-shot triggering and cycle mode. Then, it comes with a follow jack that allows you to generate slew-limiting, sustain for ASR envelopes, or even exotic filtering effects. There is also a slider that controls the output level of the env jack independently from the audio/VCA volume. That’s handy. Plus, you get a end of rise gate output.

The VCA has DC-coupled low-noise exponential characteristics and is suitable for audio and CV.

Dual EnvVCA

The Dual EnvVCA (16HP) gives the functionality of the EnvVCA twice plus some neat extras. It comes with level and offset knobs for full control of the envelope jack output. Connection side, it has VCA CV inputs jack for each channel, shared cycle jack that toggles cycling on each channel, and an analog OR output. The latter combines peaks of both channels.

Superbooth 22 4ms EnvVCA

Dual Shaped EnvVCA

The big highlight and the boss of all EnvVCA is the Dual Shaped EnvVCA. It gives you the same feature set as the Dual EnvVCA plus some sound-shaping extras. First, it incorporates an analog waveshaper with a shape slider and CV control.

Then, it gives for the envelopes smooth transitions between exponential, linear, and log without changing the rate. Also onboard are different trigger modes including AR, ASR (gate sustain), and cycle function. And finally, it hosts a dedicated 5V linear output jack.

Exciting new modules from 4ms especially the Dual Shaped EnvVCA looks very tempting.


4ms Mini PEG ($175), EnvVCA ($159), and Dual EnvVCA ($225) will be available on September 15th, 2022.  The Shuffling Clock Multiplier ($185) and Dual Shaped EnvVCA ($319) will both arrive on October 27th, 2022.

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