Native Instruments Introduced TRK-01 – A Powerful Kick & Bass Sound Design Tool For Reaktor 6

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The latest commercial Reaktor 6 ensemble is named TRK-01 and is an instrument that combines a versatile kick and bass module in one powerful sound design oriented plugin together.

It has become somewhat quiet about new Reaktor 6 product releases in recent months. So a possible Komplete 12 is coming soon? (K11 August 2016). The first indication is a new Reaktor instrument with the name TRK-01, which combines a powerful kick and bass sound engine in one instrument. On top, it comes with a versatile sequencer as well as a modulation section.

RK-01 marries classic mixing techniques with innovative sound design, sequencing, and modulation, so you’re always inspired to write solid and exciting kick-bass combinations

Powerful Kick & Bass Engine

The Kick engines features two layers, both can be sample-based, synthesized, noise or rumble (a prized atmospheric 808 tom-style combination of noise and sine waves). The Bass section comes with five engines to choose: wavetable, FM, super saw, classic monosynth-style, and West Coast (a wave-shaping/folding generator).

TRK-01 includes also a powerful triggered envelope-generator with the name DUCKER. It applies to the bass module’s insert FX, EQ and Level for creative or mix-fixing sidechain style application. A parameter focus allow you to draw complicated modulation to any of the controls in TRK-01 using the step-sequencers. Simply click a parameter and set the modulation values per step.  It allows also musicians to route the modulation in a creative way: envelopes, LFO’s, modulator and ducker are all assigned to parameters with a simple click-to-link mapping system.

Step Sequencers For Every Section

Two independent step-sequencers – one each for kick and bass – allow total control over playback and modulation, with powerful Step Lock and Parameter Focus features offering unprecedented levels of instant control – for each step in the sequence, over any parameter in the instrument.

To refine the sound, it features also several insert effects for each section: distortion, sample & hold, bit reduction, lowpass, or highpass for Kick – distortion, unison, flanging or phasing for Bass.  TRK-01 supports live performance with up to eight hot-swappable pattern slots per sequencer and triggerable Sound settings, allowing instant switching between up to eight completely different Kick and Bass module settings.

Every TRK-01 copy comes with over 200 wide-ranging, genre-focused presets, showcasing the huge range of inventive possibilities from the seemingly simple control set. Also it’s full compatible with NKS that allows you to browse the presets and control parameters from your Native Instruments controller.

TRK-01 Review By Loopop

TRK-01 is available now, priced at 99 EUR/$99 USD/£89 GBP. It runs in Reaktor 6, Komplete Kontrol and the free Reaktor 6 Player.

More information here: Native Instruments TRK-01 

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