Null Modular n-1, new wooden DIY Eurorack cases à la Ikea

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Null Modular has launched its n-1 lineup, new wooden DIY Eurorack cases (48HP/84HP) that are as easy to assemble as Ikea furniture.

Every adventure has a beginning. The Eurorack one usually begins with the purchase of a case. Depending on the budget, with one row, two, or more. With built-in power supply or without. Many questions. A case should be well thought out.

The affordable range of Eurorack cases is now getting offspring from Null Modular. They announced the n-1 lineup, all-new wooden DIY Eurorack cases with a construction concept strongly reminiscent of Ikea furniture.

Null Modular n-1

Null Modular n-1 (Press Release)

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA: Null Modular is proud to announce the official release of its n-1 Eurorack modular case — constructed from euro plywood with a clever flat-packable design that interlocks and slides together easily and needs no tools for assembly, instead including dowel pins for securing the wooden frame, pre-threaded aluminum rails, M5 hex socket screws, and M3 rail slide nuts — with pre-ordering open as of April 3…

As an unpowered case, n-1 offers users the freedom to select a panel-mounted power supply, or to adapt an internal power option; with 92mm/35⁄8” of depth, the case offers flexibility for a range of power solutions. It is available in two sizes — 48HP x 3U and 84HP x 3U — as the perfect partner for all stages of any user’s creative journey into modular synthesis.

Null Modular n-1 case

Subsequently, Null Modular will release a range of accessories designed to enhance the n-1 case’s versatility and customization options, ensuring it remains an adaptable companion. But by using sustainable materials and efficient flat-pack distribution, n-1 is already one of the most accessible Eurorack modular cases on the market.

Null Modular n-1

The Box Includes

  • 12mm plywood frame, 3mm plywood back
  • Four dowel pins
  • One pair of pre-threaded aluminum rails
  • M5 hex socket screws
  • M3 rail slide nuts
  • Mystery stickers!

First Impression

Two lovely cases to build yourself. The wooden dowel pins that are included remind me of the many Ikea furniture I have built. Hence the Ikea reference. I think it’s a pity they didn’t include a 1U row. At a time when more and more 1U modules are popping up, that would have been a nice extra for a compact case. And sliding nuts….

Null Modular n-1 is available for pre-order for $98 for the 48HPx3U  version and $129 for the 84HPx3U  version. It will start shipping in May 2023.

More information here: Null Modular

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