Love Hulten turns the Osmose synth into a one-off expressive looping groovebox

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Love Hulten has turned the innovative 3D polyphonic Osmose Synthesizer into a one-off expressive looping instrument artwork.

Most synthesizers these days are industrially manufactured and come in large quantities. If you want something special and unique, you often have to spend more money and go to a boutique manufacturer. Alternatively, you can visit the audiovisual artist and woodworker Love Hulten from Sweeden.

If you wish, you can get your very own synthesizer according to your ideas. To do this, Love Hulten transforms existing products into fascinating one-offs.  For his latest project, he has collaborated with the French developers of Expressive E.

Love Hulten Osmose

I’m in love with the Osmose! They really nailed the haptic keybed. And the synth engine is far better than I expected as well. This personal setup of mine combines the Osmose with a stereo looper, some pico drum modules and a tape echo. All covered in oak and silver. I’m off to the soundscape cave! All sounds in this video are from the Osmose (Haken)

Love Hulten Osmose

Yes, Expressive E is only known for one hardware Synthesizer, the Osmose. As a reminder, the Osmose is a super expressive (3D) MPE MIDI controller and multi-synthesis Synthesizer powered by the mighty EaganMatrix.

For his new project, he removed the electronics of the Osmose and installed it in a new lovely custom-designed wooden box. The keybed was also painted differently. The largest part is silver-black, and the rest is colorful.  Then, he positioned the controls of the Osmose at eye level and added bigger buttons.

Love Hulten Osmose

Love Hulten’s interpretation of the Osmose also comes with pico drum modules turning it into an expressive, patchable groovebox. Further, it also hosts a stereo looper and a T-Rex Replicator module-based tape echo. There is also a built-in speaker.

It turned out very nice and lovely, in my opinion, like every Love Hulten conversion with a lot of details and character. This Synthesizer creation is also not for sale and is a one-off design.

More information here: Love Hulten 

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  1. love the effort, the result is unimpressive though. why strict 90 degrees? it looks uncomfortable to play. why no real knobs? inaccuracy is a benefit?

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