Modwheel Roundwound, new Kontakt instrument explores textural cinematic guitars

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Modwheel Roundwound is a new Kontakt (full) virtual instrument with 10GB of content exploring textural cinematic guitar sounds.

Kontakt is a huge platform with countless virtual instruments. There is something for every budget. From classic to experimental. Electronic musicians in particular want to work with new sounds that go in different directions from time to time.

Modwheel from New Zealand is a small developer of unusual instruments that like to drift in the experimental direction. Their latest instrument is called Roundwound and explores ambiance and textures created by guitars.

Modwheel Roundwound

“During the second half of 2022 we were joined by guitarist Hugo Butler who has an interesting approach to guitar textures and so utilizing his talents we spent a week or so experimenting and recording what was to become Roundwound, sort of a companion collection to our earlier release Feedback.

As with most of our libraries we never quite know what we are making until we get well into the process. With a lot of experimentation we try to find the best way of presenting the material in eminently playable Instruments that allow maximum creative freedom for the user.” David Donaldson

Modwheel Roundwound Press Release

Roundwound is a new Kontakt full library with 10 GB of content and 64 patches of textural, cinematic guitar performed by young New Zealand guitar aficionado Hugo Butler, with Modwheel’s own Steve Roche.

All 64 patches that make up the library have three separate mic positions (close, mid, and far). Each mic has separate controls, including pitching up or down an octave, giving even more sound manipulation options.

Roundwound has a newly scripted user interface with a built-in pulse step modulator for repeating patterns and a scatter box. The latter is an experimental convolution IR-based effects rack.

The library offers six folders of patches: pads, textures, two guitars, leads, bowed, and misfits that is a treasure chest of inspiration

Modwheel Roundwound is available now for an introductory price of $69 (reg. $99) and requires the full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or later. Kontakt Player is not supported.

More information here: Modwheel 

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