XILS-Lab PolyKB III 3.6.3, new UI, Apple Silicon support and 59€ deal

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XILS-Lab PolyKB III 3.6.3, a new update for its RSF PolyKobol II emulation with a new redesigned, faster UI, Apple Silicon support, and a special deal.

Since leaving Arturia in 2006, French developer Xavier Oudin has been going his own way with his software company XILS-Lab. Musicians who are familiar with synthesizer plugins are not unfamiliar with his development. Among other things, he developed the XILS 4, an EMS VCS-3 emulation on steroids.

Just as well known is his emulation of the Polykobol II,  a weird, unique poly analog Synthesizer from 1982. Its beloved soft version is called PolyKB III and is now available in a fresh look as a free update for existing customers. And there is an excellent deal for all new users.

XILS-Lab PolyKB 3.6.3
Like its predecessors, dating all the way back to a May 2010 release in its original (PolyKB) incarnation, the latest Version 3.6.3 of PolyKB III truly captures the sound and spirit of the rarified and revered RSF PolyKobol II analogue polysynth from France

XILS-Lab PolyKB III 3.6.3

The PolyKB III is already a few years old. Now there is a pleasant update that further enhances it. The features remain the same: 3 morphing analog-modeled oscillators, two creamy multimode 0df filters, three envelopes, two LFOs, poly sequencers, vintage-style effects, and more.

Update 3.6.3 introduces a high-resolution user interface with a faster response. Thus the interface can also be used on new monitors. It also comes with native Apple Silicon as well as VST3 support.

A welcome new version that keeps the synth up to dateSpecial Deal

XILS-Lab PolyKB III 3.6.3 is available now for 59€ instead of 199€ until April 16th, 2023. It is iLok-protected (hardware or software authorization). At Thomann even for 49€.

More information here: XILS Lab 

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  1. Oi, it’s a bit dark now, isn’t it? Well, anyway at least it’s bigger. Let’s see if i can figure out how to program the sequencer again. This plugin is special, no doubt, but also it can certainly be a bit … inscrutable.

  2. whoa now that it’s nighttime this synth has come into a new light. Respect. I love it, I can get really lost in this thing, in the good ways. Mesmerizing. Sequencer seems to be fine!

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