Sampleson Sandstorm, new evolving soundscapes builder plugin

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Sampleson Sandstorm is a new evolving soundscape generator builder plugin based on various synthesis and sound source types. 

The developers of Sampleson have released interesting virtual instrument plugins in the recent past. Among other things, pianos or e-pianos based on synthesis technology and not on GBs on multi-samples. The advantage of this method is its storage efficiency.

With their plugin Alienize they have released, for the first time, an instrument that breaks new ground in their portfolio. It’s made for designing Sci-Fi underscores and ambients with simple mouse gestures. With Sandstorm, they now continue this series of unique virtual instruments.

Sampleson Sandstorm

Press Release

SANDSTORM can create unique multi source sounds that will allow you to rapidly try many variations and ideas for a movie passage or game scene. It is a cutting-edge tool for generating complex and evolving soundscapes.

Featuring up to 17 high-quality sound sources, SANDSTORM offers a wide range of sonic possibilities that are perfect for modern underscores and sound production. With SANDSTORM, you can experiment with a variety of sound sources, including orchestral instruments, analog synths, granular, and wavetable modules.

Its intuitive interface and flexible routing options give you complete control over your sound, allowing you to shape and mold it to your exact specifications.

All of its sounds and assignable to the mouse macro control. This will help you create new colors every time you drag the mouse over the interface.

Whether you’re a professional sound designer or a beginner, SANDSTORM is an essential tool for any film or gaming production setup. With its high-quality sound sources, versatile features, and intuitive interface, SANDSTORM is the ultimate tool for creating dynamic and engaging soundscapes and textures.


  • Cinematic Instrument for music scoring.
  • Ambient, Arps, Drones, Melodic and Textures Modules.
  • ~200 MB.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • 17 sound engines.
  • 88 presets.
  • Automated parameters for DAWs.
  • Granular, Wavetable, Oscillator and Sampling Engines.
  • Scalable HD interface.
  • controls/FX: ambient reverb, master gain, and modules reverb.

First Impression

A creative plugin, certainly one that fits into the area of “special interest. I like the idea of generating soundscapes so quickly. However, I would have liked a little more control, especially for controlling the sound more in detail. To tweak the synthesis engines etc.

Sampleson Sandstorm is available now for an introductory price of $39 instead of $59. It runs as a VST3, AU plugin, and a standalone app on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Sampleson

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