Moog Matriarch v1.3.0, new firmware adds new features and improvements.

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Moog Music has today announced Matriarch, a new 4-voice patchable analog Synthesizer with 4 oscillators, dual ladder filter, stereo delay, and sequencer…

Good news for all Matriarch users. Moog has updated its beautiful 4-voice paraphonic semi-modular analog Synthesizer to v1.3.0 with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Adding new features to a semi-modular analog synthesizer is not that easy. Squeezing new features into a DSP is in comparison easy. But Moog has managed to make the Matriarch more versatile.

Among MIDI and CV functionality improvements, Matriarch Firmware v1.3.0 adds pitch wheel information to the KB CV output for new modulation opportunities and user-selectable velocity curves to enhance dynamic playing. Alongside the new firmware, Moog has also released a new custom application for updating firmware on Matriarch, making updates a seamless process for owners.

Matriarch V1.3.0

  • MIDI Velocity Curves: This feature allows the user to select a variety of keyboard velocity response curves. There are four options available: base, linear, stretched, and compressed.
  • Pitch Wheel information added to the KB CV Out: The Pitch Wheel setting will now come out of the KB CV Out alongside the keyboard information.
  • Response to the TIME 1 IN CV of the Stereo Delay is improved when synced.
  • KB GATE OUT will now follow MULTI TRIG selection.
  • KB VEL OUT (Keyboard Velocity CV Out), KB AT OUT (Keyboard Aftertouch CV Out), KB CV OUT (Keyboard CV Out), and KB GATE OUT (Keyboard Gate Out) correctly update when MIDI notes are played.
  • Global Setting 4.1: Delayed Keyboard Octave Shift has been improved and now also applies to the keyboard CV output.
  • Octave Transpose controls are now more responsive.
  • PPQN IN and OUT have been improved
  • CC94 has been added to allow switching voice modes over MIDI.
  • Spurious MIDI messaging no longer occurs when HOLD function is engaged.

Thanks, Moog for this new firmware update.


Article April 25th, 2019

A grandmother also needs a grandfather. No, the Moog Music Grandmother needs a matriarch. Today, Moog Music announced Matriarch, a new 4-voice paraphonic patchable analog Synthesizer. It features four analog oscillators, a stereo analog ladder filter, 2 envelopes and 2 VCA’s.

The Matriarch has no built-in spring reverb like the Moog Grandmother but a stereo analog delay with up to 700ms of MIDI sync-able stereo or ping/pong style repeats. If you compare the Matriarch with the Moog Grandmother you will notice that the engine has been doubled: more oscillators, stereo filter, … This doubling also has its impact on the price. It cost $1999 compared to 999$. Interesting new synth from Moog and looking forward to hear more about it.

Moog Music Matriarch


Moog Matriarch is a patchable 4-note paraphonic analog synthesizer with a built-in Sequencer, Arpeggiator, stereo Ladder Filters, and stereo Analog Delay. Capable of creating rich evolving chord patterns immediately with “no patching required”, Matriarch invites access to an abundance of inspiring textures, new sounds, and an endless supply of happy accidents through its 90 modular patch points.

Based on the vintage circuitry of classic Moog synthesizer modules, Matriarch is a catalyst for creative ideas and a medium for multidimensional expression.

Moog Music Matriarch Synthesizer

The pinnacle of Moog’s semi-modular family of synthesizers, Matriarch’s patchable architecture and classic Moog circuits reward open exploration with endless sonic possibilities and unparalleled analog sound. Matriarch’s 4 analog VCOs can be split into 4 notes of paraphony that can be sequenced, shifted, and stored with the instrument’s intuitive 256 step sequencer, or stacked in unison to create a massive 4 oscillator mono synth.

With a deep assortment of synthesis modules based on Bob Moog’s original circuit designs, Matriarch’s 100% analog signal path spans a dynamic sonic vocabulary – from overdriven monophonic bass to gently evolving paraphonic plucks that cycle through waveshapes into a wash of infinite delay trails. Coupling the power of vintage-designed stereo ladder filters, dual Envelope Generators, stereo Analog Delays, and stereo VCAs, Matriarch delivers a multi-dimensional sound that empowers the sonic exploration of both space and time.

Though Matriarch’s semi-modular design requires absolutely no patching, 90 modular patch points are easily accessible throughout the panel via the included 3.5mm patch cables. This powerful electronic instrument is a highly-versatile addition to any stage or studio that can effortlessly transform from a performance keyboard into a fully modular analog synthesizer at a moment’s notice. 

In addition to its standalone function, Matriarch is also an ideal processor of external sound sources and a powerful keyboard front-end for expanding a DFAM, Mother-32, Grandmother, or Eurorack modular system. 


  • mode: mono, duo, and 4-note paraphonic playability
  • semi-modular analog engine, no patching required
  • 100% analog
  • 4 oscillators
  • dual filter (stereo analog filter)
  • dual envelope generators
  • dual VCA
  • analog delay: Stereo analog delay w/ up to 700ms of MIDI sync-able stereo or ping/pong style repeats
  • sequencer: 256 step sequencer w/ up to 4 notes per step and 12 stored patterns. Can be decoupled from Matriarch to independently sequence external gear.
  • arpeggiator with selectable modes (Order, Forward/Backward, Random).
  • 49 full-size keys with velocity-sensing with aftertouch (Velocity and Aftertouch are not hard-wired – available via MIDI, KBD VEL OUT and KB AT OUT jacks)
  • Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Variable Glide, Expression pedal in to CV out, and Sustain Pedal in

Moog Music Matriarch Synthesizer will be available in July for for $1999 USD. (Update 2023: $2199/2090€) 

More information here: Moog Music 

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  1. Once again Synth Anatomy has the news before any of my other ‘go to’ synth sites – great work! Sounds really good, natural evolution of the grand-m.

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