Matthieu Brucher Released Free ATK Side Chain Compressor Plugin For PC & Mac

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Matthieu Brucher released today ATKSideChainCompressor, a free new stereo side chain compressor plugin for PC and Mac.

  • two separate channels that can be linked together,
  • Middle/Side processing,
  • a control between peak power and RMS detection,
  • a color section (color and quality),
  • a dry/wet section for parallel compression.

The side chain capability allows an outside signal to trigger the compressor, like a filtered version of the original signal or a completely distinct signal. Bass triggered by drums is the typical example of a side-chain compressor effect. The plugin features a unique color section that enables non linear compression near the knee. A negative color lowers the gain while a positive color increases the gain above 0dB (a simple compressor always has a gain less or equal to 0dB).

In linked channels mode, both channels attach/release filters are working independently while their sum activates the single gain filter.

ATKSideChainCompressor is now available for free for Windows (VST2, VST3) and macOS (VST2, VST3, AU).

More information here: ATKSideChainCompressor

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