Baby Audio releases Crystalline 1.3, reverb plugin gets a performance update

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Baby Audio Crystalline plugin is the answer to vintage algorithmic reverbs (EMT, Lexicon)… enhanced and made more versatile with modern twists.

Good news for all Crystalline reverb users. Baby Audio has just dropped a new update 1.3, with a new feature and other improvements.

  • Preset library updated to organize by purpose/instrument as requested by many users.
  • “Crackling bug” fixed in the Transients feature. Now replaced with an improved parameter called “Warp”, which lets you shape how the reverb responds to transients – and shift the emphasis toward attack or release.
  • Improved reverse function.
  • Various graphical and performance updates.

Crystalline is also now available on Splice with its rent-to-own system. This means you can pay for the plugin in 20 monthly installments of $4,95 USD each with the option to cancel anytime. When you’ve paid off the full amount, you own the plugin forever.


Article From April 5th, 2022

EMT, Lexicon… legendary vintage hardware reverbs. What would the developers of these, however, do with today’s available technologies. If the hardware looked different, how different would it sound?

The developers from Baby Audio asked themselves these questions during the development of their new plugin. Crystalline is the result of this question.

Baby Audio Crystalline

Baby Audio Crystalline

Crystalline is a new algorithmic reverb that builds on the classic hardware reverbs but with modern twists. Baby Audio says the idea behind this reverb is to give users unprecedented creative control to shape reflections. The plugin consists of four different tone shaping sections: reflections, depth, clean-up, and shape.

The reflection core lets you set the room size, sparkle for emphasizing high frequencies, and stereo width control. The depth section gives you a resolution parameter for modifying the complexity of the algorithm. Attention, this affects the CPU performances. Then, modulation creates pitch variations, and shimmer shapes the high-frequency decay. This gives you more slow decays that make shimmering textures possible.

On the right side, you have the clean-up part where you get controls over damping, sides that keeps the low-end clean by removing stereo information and gate. The latter is a unique feature that allows you to create classic gated reverbs.

Further, we have the shape section that features a tone EQ, smoothing for reducing the harshness, and transients control that defines where reverb is applied. Either on the attack or sustain phases of the input signal.

Sync & Ducker

Besides these, Crystalline offers other creative functionalities that make in-depth sound design possible. For example, you can sync the reverb start and decay times to the DAW tempo. Baby Audio promises cleaner mixes with this technology. There is also an automatic ducker function for the incoming signal. The plugin also has some unusual features like a reverser and freezer for more experimental sounds.

Baby Audio has shown in the recent past how to modernize classic effects and make them more versatile and accessible. They continue this with Crystalline. It’s an great-sounding algorithmic reverb with a lot of modern twists.

Baby Audio Crystalline is available now for an introductory price of $49 USD (reg. $99 USD). The plugin runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + M1) and Windows.

More information here: Baby Audio 

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