Behringer RS-9, new TR-style Eurorack drum sequencer goes into production

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Behringer shares an RS-9 development update with images of the latest prototype, a Eurorack drum sequencer based on their RD-9 drum machine.

Behringer not only showed the new B-Tron III pedal but also gave a development update for the RS-9 Eurorack drum sequencer.

According to B., the beta testing is finished, and they are currently checking whether the stock of chips is sufficient to go into production. Yes, these chips are currently a rare commodity. You should count twice before you go into production at full speed.

Behringer RS-9

Interesting: the price of $149 estimated in 2022 could not be maintained. The new target price will be $179. This is still a bargain for such a comprehensive drum sequencer. At many other small companies, such sequencers start at $400+.

Behringer Facebook Release

We’ve just finished the testing of the RS-9. It’s a fantastic Eurorack drum sequencer based on the RD-9 and can trigger up to 10 instruments. It’s the perfect companion for the Brains with all its percussive instruments.

Target price is US$ 179. We’re currently checking the availability of all components so we can move it into production.

Exciting stuff is happening:-)

Availability remains TBA.


Article April 27th, 2022

A year and a half ago, Behringer revealed plans for the RS-9, a TR-inspired Eurorack drum sequencer. Nothing has been heard from the project for a long time.

Today Behringer showed a prototype of the RS-9 for the first time and announced further module details.

Behringer RS-9 prototype

Behringer RS-9 Prototype

The RS-9 is not a replica r a copy of a current module. Here they pulled out the concept of the Roland TR-909/Behringer RD-9 drum machine sequencer and put it in a Eurorack module. Some say it could be an Erica Synths drum sequencer copy, but it’s not.

There are almost two years between the render and the first prototype. You can tell that work has been done on the interface that has a changed layout. In terms of connections we get 10 trigger outputs with dedicated accent outputs, sync in/out, MIDI In/Out on classic 5-pin DIN, thanks, and a USB socket. There are also inputs for CV and reset.

Sequences can be programmed with clicky classic switch caps that are perfect for this. You can probably also use them to set functions such as probability, flam, repeat…

Official Post

Ready for testing. We just fired up our new RS-9 Drum Sequencer prototype. This is the RD-9 drum machine ported to a drum sequencer for Eurorack. 10 individual outputs and full USB/MIDI control, allow you to trigger any external drum module.
We still need more time to finalize and test the module to ensure it’s ready for mass production. We target a retail price of US$ 149. What do you think?

Behringer RS-9 prototype

At first glance an exciting drum sequencer. If they can make the sequencer tight and solid at this price point, it’s going to be a huge hit. Stay tuned for more information.

Behringer RS-9 availability TBA and they target a retail price of $149 USD.

More information will follow here: Behringer

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  1. Are there actually mechanical switches on this? On the Behringer RD-9 they look like mechanical switch caps but are actually just membrane dome contacts that have been molded to look like mechanical switches.

  2. So technically its uncertain if they go into production because they still have to evaluate wether their stock of chip supplies is sufficient enough. Yet the headline of the article indicates “goes into production”. Clickbait?

    • No clickbait. Production means the production process means that the required components are first put together, and then production begins. Only the Behringer employees know when production will actually start. I don’t want to update my news every hour just to say “before in production”, “tomorrow in production”, or “now in production”. other one comes and say “you want clicks”.

  3. Well, given they have a backlog of around new synths and that the first one didn’t appear in the shops yet, we may expect it in 2028 😂

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