Behringer RS-9, Idea Of A TR-909 Style Eurorack Trigger Sequencer

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Behringer has plans to release the sequencer of his not yet released RD-9 drum machine as an individual RS-9 Eurorack module, yes or no?

Behringer is often accused of just copying existing products. Well, that’s often the case, there are moments when they are different. Neutron is a good example that shows that they can develop completely new products. Today, they showed the RS-9, an RD-9 style drum sequencer for the Eurorack format. It is still just a study to collect attention and customer feedback.

Here they try to take a different route. Instead of reproducing what is there, they extract something from an existing product, here from the RD-9, and bring it in as a module. Talking about cloning is to far here, rather inspired on the TR-909, as this was never a Eurorack module before. Or did I oversleep the TR-909 drum sequencer from Roland?

Behringer RS-9

This is a design draft of a cool drum sequencer based on our upcoming RD-9. It’s designed for Eurorack and comes with 11 trigger outputs. We believe we could offer it for US$ 149. Would you be interested in such a drum sequencer? Disclaimer. We haven’t decided yet if we will build it as the decision depends on your level of interest.

Behringer RS-9

According to Behringer, the RS-9 is a drum trigger sequencer for Eurorack based on the upcoming RD-9 clone. It takes out the well-known sequencer functions of the RD-9, downsizes them, and packs them into a Eurorack module. The look is interesting. I like that they use the typical 909 buttons on the right in a 4×4 grid. But why 11 individual inputs & outputs, strange. However, the idea is not new. Erica Synths already has a similar one with Drum Sequencer on the start. Hope it’s not a clone of this.

Behringer says they could produce this sequencer for $149, which is objectively a no-brainer. Normally, drum sequencers range in the 300+€ domain, of course from small Boutique developers. It’s not innovative, sure, because others had the same idea. The advantage of Behringer is that they have the manpower and the ability to manufacture this at this price. And the B-community is already screaming: yay, yes play or we want it.

I have a feeling we’ll see this product soon. Behringer may go a step further and offer all of the RD-9’s voices as individual modules. Just like Tiptop Audio already does with the TR-909 but just super affordable.

As a reminder: this is just a simple draft and no official product. But what do you think about it?

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  1. I think the “oversleep” was that Erica basically invented this.
    The Behringer has a few more features, but this is a very close copy.
    I have no problem with Behringer copying things that are out of production but this is a little too close for comfort.
    Pretty cool though and as usual what a price point.

    • the TR-style pattern programming has invented Roland with the TR series. Roland also used these iconic buttons.
      Maybe the Erica Synths is also inspired by the Roland machines 🙂

    • it looks similar but the initial idea comes from the Roland TR-909. So the Erica Synths is also inspired by 😉

      • That’s right. Even Erica Synths have called their buttons 909 style. That is definitely where the similarities start to diverge though. The Erica Drum Sequencer has a lot more going on in terms of CV/Gates/Triggers and lots of patterns. Worth the price. Behringer’s version just looks like their RD-9 sequencer repackaged. Which I think is a good idea! I’ve been asking for their Neutron oscillators (or Neutron filter, envelopes, LFO, BBD delay/drive, Utilities, etc.) as individual modules. What about that digital FX module from the Odyssey? Release that as a small module.

  2. Good lord, This could be a game changer. For the price I think this would be a no brainer, how about producing the drum modules to go with it?

  3. Erica certainly did not “invent” this idea. The design is as obvious as a rock. If Behringer can do it for cheap, then fantastic! Behringer are like the Space-X of the modular world: they turn the business model upside down and everyone else must forget the old, easy ways and try much harder to compete.

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