Sequential Prophet-5/-10 gets a VST and standalone sound editor from Momo

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Momo Müller has published a new standalone sound editor for the Sequential Prophet-5 polyphonic analog Synthesizer reissue. 

In October 2020, Dave Smith (RIP) announced the Prophet-5 and -10, reissues of two legendary polyphonic analog synths. How time flies.

Momo Müller, an independent developer known for his very affordable software editors, today released an editor for these instrument legends.

Sequential Prophet-5 editor Momo

Sequential Prophet-5 Editor Momo

The Prophet-5/ is a very hands-on poly synth Synthesizer that doesn’t make you think of an editor. You have all the parameters in front of your eyes, and the menu is self-explanatory. But Momo Müller found some valid points to build an editor for it.

Momo’s new Prophet-5 editor (CTRLR powered) has an interface reminiscent of the original hardware instruments. Same shape and layout. And before any questions pop up, yes it also works with the 10-voice version Prophet-10 too.

The key feature is the integration in your DAW setup. It gives you direct access from the DAW to the synth’s parameters. There is a standalone and plugin (VST/AU) version. The latter makes it possible to record the controller movements as parameter automation in your tracks.

Then, you can find two neat assignable X-Y pads for additional parameter fun. Of course, you can also save your favorite patches in the editor. Furthermore, it has a random button that shuffles the parameters of the Prophet-5, like in a tornado. With a click, you get instant new sounds. Well, I’m rather skeptical about whether all the sounds are usable.

Another budget editor from Momo. If you want to integrate your Prophet into your DAW, you get here an affordable editor with a good selection of features.

Momo Sequential Prophet-5 editor is available now for 6,90€/$7 USD. It runs as a VST2, VST3, and AU plugin and standalone software on macOS (Intel + M1) and Windows.

More information here: Momo Müller 

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