ALM PPEXP1 & PPEXP2, new expanders for Pamela’s PRO Workout

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ALM Busy Circuits PPEXP1 & PPEXP2, new expanders for Pamela’s PRO Workshop, adding extra outputs (fixed clock, MIDI clock…) and Din sync.

2022 was a great year for the British Eurorack company ALM Busy Circuits. The 2022 product highlight, for me, was the new Pamela’s Pro Workout, a logic further development of its best-selling multi-function utility module.

Today the developers have released two expanders that significantly expand the connectivity of the new PAM’s PRO.



The new PPEXP1 (4HP) & PPEXP2 (2HP) are two new expander modules for Pamela’s PRO Workout that both offer additional dedicated fixed clock, Din sync, and MIDI clock outputs.

PPEXP1 gives you buffered x24 clock & run (din sync) outputs, a TRS MIDI out (selectable Type A or B) and five extra buffered fixed gate outputs (x1, x2, x4, /4 and /16). There is also a dedicated trigger on stop output for resetting sequencers.

The PPEXP2 is an expander with a simpler structure consisting of buffered x24 clock & run (Din Sync) outputs and a TRS MIDI output.

However, both expanders have the same benefit. You can extend Pam as a master to clock external gear or even for syncing a second PAM’s easier.

The extra fixed clocked gate outputs allow you to free up Pam’s main outputs for unique sequencing or complex modulation duties. The expanders do not require an extra power connection. They are connected to and powered by the “MIDI-EX” expander header on the back of Pamela’s PRO Workout.

Important: the Pam Pro only supports a single output expander at any time, but either can be used alongside the AXON-1 CV input expander.

A MIDI adapter cable and a Din Sync adapter cable are both available for connecting to 5 pin ‘Din’ type connectors. The PPEXP 1 ships with a MIDI din adapter cable.


ALM PPEXP1 & PPEXP2 are available soon.

More information here: ALM Busy Circuits

ALM products are available at my partner 

Perfect Circuit Clockface M.

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