Leak: Strymon Cloudburst Reverb pedal on the horizon?

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Leak: Italian dealer website has leaked the Strymon Cloudburst Reverb, a new compact ambient-oriented effects pedal. 

Writing an article with a press release belongs to daily work. It gets fascinating when you write something that isn’t official or isn’t from a press release. I’m talking about leaks, which is one of the last things with which a website can attract readers.

Today a new unreleased Strymon pedal popped up on an Italian dealer website.

Leak Strymon Cloudburst Reverb

Leak Strymon Cloudburst Reverb

Is a new Strymon Reverb pedal on the horizon? I think there is something to this news, as there is another cached entry in google records.

According to the leak, it will be a compact effects pedal with a digital DSP core powered by the Cloud reverb algorithm found in the almost legendary BigSky pedal. Strymon describes the algorithm as “a gorgeously big, ambient reverb that draws from techniques developed in the late ’70s. Using processing power not dreamed of in those days, the Cloud reverb machine obscures the distinction between reality and fantasy.”

The idea of publishing individual algorithms as individual pedals is not new. See Eventide’s dot9 pedals that host well-known H9 algorithms packed in compact, hands-on pedals. Strymon will probably follow the same route with the upcoming Cloudbust Reverb.

I don’t have any details about the features, only those you can see on the pedal itself. You get knobs for the decay, mix, pre-delay, tone, and mod parameters. There is also a switch for an additional ensemble effect. And there is also a dipswitch for turning the effect on/off. It will probably also work for putting the reverb in endless mode.

According to the leak, the Strymon Cloudburst Reverb will cost 319€. I’m excited to hear the pedal and when it will be available.

More information here: Strymon 

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  1. Seems more like the “idea” isn’t tech-based like creating pedals from individual algorithms, but more profit-based.

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