Roland SP-404mkII, all-time favorite portable sampler gets a major update, full details

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According to a new leak, Roland is working on a mkII version of its beloved SP-404 sampler with velocity-sensitive pads, OLED display, and more. 

After the big SamAsh leak with all information, Roland has today officially announced the next generation of the SP-404 sampler named SP-404mkII. It takes the concept of the beloved sampler to the next level. With 17 velocity-sensitive pads, 32 voice polyphony, 16GB internal memory, fast workflow, new sampler effects, and more. It’s not yet available but you can pre-order it and get it right before Christmas.

An update that many musicians have been waiting for. I’m happy that Roland tried to keep many of the original’s features. Including the workflow, however, is now much faster and more convenient with the new display. A bit of a shame it comes without a built-in microphone

Leak Roland SP-404 mkII

Leak Article (02/10/2021) 

According to Reddit and Elektronauts forum, the US-based music shop Sam Ash has leaked the new Roland SP-404 mk2 sampler with major new features. The product page has already been taken offline by the retailer.

Roland SP-404 mkII Leak

According to the leak, the new SP-404 mkII will feature 32 voices of polyphony, 20 more than the predecessor. Then, the interface will get a major upgrade with 17 velocity-sensitive pads, so more expressivity, and updated knobs for smooth, hands-on control. There will be a new OLED screen with zoomable waveforms and a better sample editing workflow. That would definitely be a big step forward.

The source also says that the internal engine will get a major boost. It will feature a new resampling workflow to record patterns and effects instantly. The new skip-back sampling functionality allows you instantly record the best moments by capturing up to 25 seconds of audio from your last performance.

New effects will be also on board. In addition to the classic SP-404 effects, the mk2 will come with new Lo-Fi, cassette emulator, and resonator effects. Plus, a vocoder, guitar cab simulator, and auto-pitch function, accessible via mic/instrument input. The leak also suggested that it will feature 16GB of internal storage with a maximum of 160 samples loadable across each project. It will ship with a collection of 144 curated samples.

Roland SP-404mkII

Mobile music making will be also a topic in the mak2 version. The source says: “Bang out beats anywhere with AA or mobile battery power, capture audio from or stream direct to your mobile device via USB-C, or collaborate with a partner using the dual headphones outputs and mic/guitar input”.

Roland SP-404MkII is available now for pre-order for $499,99 USD /499€.

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      • The MPC One just got $100 more expensive on April 9, 2021. This is hapenig with a lot of hardware, like a few months ago I was checking the Keystep 37 and the msrp increased 4 times from 169, 199, 229 and 249. At major retailers the KS37 is down to 199 but Arturia website still have the 249 old price up. Check Camelcamelcamel for historical Amazon prices on the KS37, MPC one and any other thing that might interest you and setup alarms to buy when price drops.

  1. This looks nice and everyone would love a new MV 8000 with Zen Core , there well able , hopefully after 404mk2 then the big MV revision ,would be nice especially with new library’s

  2. SP404 MK II, why does ist only support 16 bit 44,1 MHz and no 24 bit 44,1 MHz additional? Soundquality is ONLY “LoFi”, not really flexible unfortunately!

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