Caelum Audio Choric, new 32-voice chorus effects plugin for mac, win, and iOS

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Caelum Audio, creators of the Flux Pro and Tape Pro, has released Choric, a new 32-voice chorus effects plugin for macOS, Windows, and iOS (AUv3).

Chorus effects are part of the bread and butter of audio effects. Guitarists or synthesizer players often use them. What would a Roland Juno synth be without the legendary sound of the built-in chorus effect?

In 2023, you can find a useful chorus effect in every DAW. Usually one of the simple kind. Caelum Audio, who are known for the Flug Pro or Tape Pro plugins, have today published a modern chorus with advanced features.

Caelum Audio Choric

Caelum Audio Choric

Choric’s engine consists of a 32-voice modulation, filtering, and pitch-shifting sections, allowing thick and rich chorus textures.

It starts with the filter part of the left side that features a multimode filter (lowpass, bandpass, and highpass) with traditional cutoff and resonance controls. Great for shaping a specific frequency change or the whole character of the effect.

Then, you can add texture by pitch-shifting your incoming audio from -12 to + 12 semitones. There is also an option to preserve formats and balance the dry/wet signal using pitch amount.

In the middle, you can find the actual chorus engine with various parameters, including rate (2 to 32 voices) and depth controls. The looseness control allows you to spread the timing of the voices, spread to set the pan of the voices, and phase to control the spread modulation phase. There is also a flip CH button that inverts modulation in the right channel, and width applies mid/side widening.

To give more character to the chorus, you activate the warm mode bringing 3.5dB of analog saturation. The Dark mode, on the other side, rolls off the high frequencies of the audio.

Caleum Audio promises that Choric works great in various uses. They ship the plugin with 50 presets in different categories (classic, guitar, keys, synth…).

A nice chorus plugin with a good feature set. Yes, it’s another chorus plugin, to be honest, but one that has some good extras.

Caelum Audio Choric is available now for macOS and Windows for an introductory price of $44.99 / €42.74 / £37.49 (reg. $59.99 / €56.99 / £49.99) until February 10th, 2023. The iOS version with AUv3 support is available for £6.99 (reg. £9.99).

More information here: Caelum Audio

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