Leak: Polyend Play, new groovebox or drum machine for Superbooth 22

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Leak: it seems that the Polish developers of Polyend are about to release Play, probably a new Deluge-style pad-matrix groovebox with samples.

Shortly after the end of the last Superbooth (21), a leak popped out of nowhere about a possible new Polyend product. The picture showed an instrument with a pad matrix reminiscent of the Synthstrom Audible Deluge groovebox.

Groovebox, drum machine, or a successor to the SEQ standalone MIDI sequencer. We’re still out in the dark but now there is a new leak that brings more details into the focus.

Polyend Play Leak

Polyend Play Leak

In the last few weeks,  Polyend has added a lot to the rumors about their new product. This in the form of small teasers on their social media channels. Today’s leak, whether planned or accidental, shows the product in more detail for the first time. It will be called Polyend Play.

As already mentioned, it has an 8×20 trigger pad matrix where the first 8×16 serves for triggering sounds and programming sequencer while the 4×8 are available for manipulating the tracks, muting and soloing them, or for launching variations of the tracks. So developed with performance in mind.

Further, it has 15 encoders with different controls, 6 menu buttons, and the transport controls are right under the display. Here you can find features like master volume, sample start/end, overdrive, track length, filter cutoff/resonance, and more.

Polyend Play Leak

As a reminder, the other two leaks came from Maciek Polak’s Instagram account (@analogia.pl) and from an unknown Synth Anatomy informant.

Superbooth 21 Polyend leak


So Play is the name of the new product that the Polyend developers will show at Superbooth 22. Which engine is installed is still unknown. If you look at the controls, I would point to a groove box with sample support. It can also be a drum machine. Both would certainly be very interesting.

Polyend Mixer Leak

Polyend Mixer?

And there seems to be another product coming to Superbooth 22. A previously unknown Polyend mixer has appeared in the Tracker video review by YouTuber Aisjam. Whether this is a new official product or just a mockup or DIY mixer from the YouTuber is not known.

It has two channels with an EQ with controls over the high, mid, and low frequencies, a master knob, two faders, a DJ crossfader, and more. So a kind of mixer hub for the Polyend growing groovebox lineup. An indication that this will also be a product can be found in the comment sections of the video. Here the developers wrote: “Maaan I love the mixer here!”.

Before the official tracker release, there were unwanted leaks, this time Polyend puts them out themselves. A different kind of marketing and why not. You know how people like leaks.

As usual, all details will follow at Superbooth 22 at the latest. I’m very curious what the new Polyend Play can do.

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  1. Wish these guys had built in batteries, then I would consider them for portability. Their great but I don’t have room for them in my main setup.

    Their trying to go up against the big boys now making a whole ecosystem of products.

  2. I own a Deluge. Waiting to see how this would fit in with that setup. Deluge is ok with samples but not great. Not a lot of manipulation options unless you get really weird and resample. Lack of FX makes doesnt help either. FX and sample manipulation options will make or break this. Can be a great groovebox that you can have fun with or another sampler in a crowded market of samplers. I love samplers too, have a sp404 mk2, octatrack, deluge and a digitakt. My op-1 samples but i use it for other things. Told myself id only buy another sampler when it does…something different.

  3. Meanwhile their expensive SEQ product desperately needs a firmware update, but has been completely abandonned :/

  4. Too small…
    For live (in full action !), how do you manipulate easily and quickly these tiny encoders and pads…
    And I don’t have large hands at all…

  5. I hope the Play has velocity sensitive pads. That would really make it stand out from the Deluge and the Hapax.

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