Songbird FX Birdcord PD, new USB-C to DC power converters for synths and pedals

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Songbird FX Birdcord PD is a new series of USB-C to DC power converter cables that transform your synths and pedals into USB-powered sound devices.

If you want to integrate your favorite synthesizers or effect pedals into a mobile setup, you often encounter problems, especially with power management. There are practical tools that make it easier to take gear with you on the road. As early as 2019, for example, I reported on the Songbird FX Birdcord cables, which turn conventional USB power into DC power for your gear.

Time and technology have not stood still, so this cable has been further developed. The logical next is the USB-C standard implemented, which supports more power delivery. Please welcome the Birdcord PD cables.

Songbird FX Birdcord PD

Songbird FX Birdcord PD

The new Birdcord PD converter cables follow the same principle as the first generation. USB power in DC power out. They are four different versions available, from 9V to 20V. So you can also operate larger devices with a USB power bank.

How does it work? According to the developers, it communicates with the USB PD power bank (or USB PD wall charger) to negotiate the desired output voltage. The voltage conversion then takes place inside the PD power bank. The power bank or power break must support more than 9V. Otherwise, you only get 5V out. Plus, you need an additional USB-C cable to finish the connection.

At first glance very exciting cables. Especially useful if you want to be mobile with your gear. I can’t say how different they are to the Ripcords from mywolts. I think it’s good that you have here USB-C offering more power i.e juice also for big synths.

The new Songbird FX Birdcord PD converter cables are available now for 18,99€ + shipping.

More information here: Songbird FX

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  1. Awesome! Now plz add bidirectional audio to usb, midi and a mixer/interface/hub and spread peace and happiness!!

    • That’s not possible. Your synth or groovebox requires dedicated analog-to-digital converter technology to make this happen. If your favorite synth/groovebox’s internal design doesn’t have these specifications, you can’t unlock audio over USB at a later point. And not with cable. Sorry.

    • Shorter? Not really, you need a USB-C (male) to USB-C (male) cable. I much prefer the original solution and the proven quality of Ripcords.

  2. These combined with a USB-C PD GaN charger now power ~ 80% of my rig. No ground loop noise or anything, super minimal, if slightly pricy (charger was $120 USD) solution to multiple bulky power supplies and massive power strips.

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