Herb & Stones Solid Felt, new desktop stereo analog multimode filter

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Herb & Stones has expanded its growing portfolio with the Solid Felt, a new desktop stereo analog multimode filter. 

Just recently, I wrote that we need more desktop stereo analog filters. They are found in many modern synthesizers but very rarely standalone. How so? Good question, next question.

Even if a filter is a bit unexciting at first glance, analog filters can give digital synths a nice, saturated warm character, for example. If these are special flavored, they can be much more than just a filtering effect. With its PF-3, Elta Music recently showed such a characterful stereo filter box based on the Polivoks design. Herb & Stones will soon have one too.

Herb & Stones Solid Felt

Solid Felt

Herb & Stones, known for their very unique music box, are currently finalizing their new product called Solid Felt. The full specs are yet to be revealed, but we got a teaser from the developer’s Instagram.

It will be a stereo multimode analog filter installed in a compact case with many setting options. According to the picture, each channel offers CV-controllable cutoff, resonance, and mode controls. With this, you can animate the whole thing and create interesting filter sweeps up to filter mode morphing. There are also bypass options for each channel, a very handy functionality.

Not confirmed, but I can imagine you can set whether the filters run in parallel or in series. I’m sure there are other very small subtleties built in, which allow you to drift off into the experimental. In the middle, we see a lot that points to it, like inverting, shaping, and more CV connectivity.

Herb & Stones promises that the filter is capable of generating subtle timbral variations to an all-encompassing sonic treatment

I am very excited about the first sound demos of this new stereo analog filter box. Especially how versatile Solid Felt can manipulate signals. Looking forward to the release.

Herb & Stones Solid Felt availability and price TBA.

More information here: Herb & Stones 

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