CubuSynth Dual CS-20 VCF, new Korg MS-20 inspired stereo analog filter

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CubuSynth Dual CS-20 VCF is a new stereo analog filter for Eurorack that follows the footsteps of the characterful Korg MS-20 filter.

A filter belongs to a classic Synthesizer like salt to a soup. And since the Eurorack boom, we know you can’t have enough filters. It is particularly nice to see that almost every known filter from the past has now found its way into the Eurorack. Also the dirty, aggressive MS-20 filter.

This already exists in various interpretations in Eurorack. Now CubuSynth, the developer of the mighty engine oscillator, has packed the MS-20 filter into a new module.

CubuSynth Dual CS-20 VCF

CubuSynth Dual CS-20 VCF

The CubuSynth Dual CS-20 VCF is a 10HP dual or stereo analog multimode filter inspired by the characterful Korg MS-20. It consists of two individual filter cores, each with individual type, cutoff, and frequency controls.

Each filter core has two stages of Low Pass and High Pass filtering, which can be blended. You can choose between a 2-pole (12dB) stereo HP/LP filter, a 4-pole (24db) mono LP/HP, or a band pass (12db). You can blend between the LP/HP filter modes allowing to achieve unique filtering timbres. Do you need it to be wilder? No problem. It also includes a cross-FM modulation which can be used to lure the beast out of the filter circuit.

Connection side, the module has two inputs and two outputs, made for dual mono and stereo operation. Further, it offers CV control over the cutoff frequency and resonance for each filter core. Good addition: the frequency CV has an attenuverter and the resonance CV comes with a classic attenuator.

First Impression

Another filter module for Eurorack. Not an innovative module but an interpretation of a very characterful filter that can now be used in stereo in the Eurorack. I like the aggressiveness of the original MS-20 filter, I’m very excited about how the CubuSynth sounds

CubuSynth Dual CS-20 VCF is available now for 189€.

More information here: CubuSynth 

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  1. This company is doing some really cool stuff and aesthetically the modules are beautiful! Check out their Engine Oscillator and their Quad LFO!

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