Jomox Moonwind MKII, desktop stereo analog filter box with FXs, now shipping

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Jomox Moonwind MKII, initially an SB21 news, is now shipping: a powerful desktop stereo analog filter box with built-in effects and modulation.

I’ve wanted more stereo analog filter desktop units on the market for a long time. Analog filtering, especially in stereo, is a very exciting sound design tool. Using them with digital synths, you can add a lovely saturated touch to them. I was surprised that there are so few of them on the market.

Then, Jürgen Michaelis from Jomox came with the Moonwind MKII at Superbooth 2021. It took almost three years from announcement to completion. The Moonwind MKII is now shipping to retailers.

Jomox Moonwind MKII

Jomox Moonwind MKII

We often forget: 12 years ago, Jomox already had a stereo analog filter box called Moonwind. That was a very long time ago. A time when the analog synth renaissance has not yet begun. The new MKII is the official successor.

The Moonwind MKII core consists of two OTA-based analog low-noise multimode filters. Each filter has lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch options. Per filter, you can adjust the cutoff frequency, Q (narrowness), and resonance separately with dedicated controls.

The filters can also be combined in various ways, probably in series or parallel or even using them individually. 

Besides the analog filtering part, Moonwind MKII hosts a digital effects processor with 15 algorithms: chorus, flanger, tremolo, reverb, delay, and more. You can tweak the algorithm with three parameters. An analog FX feedback is built-in to achieve tape delays or wave-guide-style effects.

Jomox promises that eight effects programs can be loaded by OS update later on. Plus, it has a built-in noise generator with metallic noise and volume control.

Jomox Moonwind MkII

Modulation & Sequencing

Then, both filters are supported with a classic modulation engine with two ADSR envelopes (filter, VCA) and two LFOs with 64 waveforms, one for each filter. According to Jomox, the envelopes are created from the audio using an analog envelope follower. Alternatively, you can trigger them also with MIDI.

That is not all. It also features a sequencer with 64 steps per pattern, 32 steps per bar, and a built-in clock divider. It can record cutoff, Q, and resonance parameters per step and filter. At this point, the effects do not appear to be recordable with the sequencer, maybe in a future firmware update.

On the connection side, the new Moonwind has Hi-Z stereo inputs, amplifying guitar and bass signals directly, and stereo outputs. Also, it is ready for the analog gear world with six programmable CV inputs with amount levels, three fixed CV inputs, and 2 CV outputs.

There is also 5-pin MIDI in, out, and thru for full MIDI control, clocking, and firmware updates. Next to the 256×64 px LCD display, you get a touchpad for intuitive editing and recording sequences with your fingertips.

First Impression

The world needs more stereo analog filter boxes. Now we have one more. The features look very exciting. But I always have my concerns with Jomox products because they are heavily-based on menu diving. I hope Moonwind MKII is easier and more hands-on to use.

Jomox Moonwind MKII is shipping now and will be available soon for $899/849€. 

More information here: Jomox 

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  1. Rather large and expensive for what it is? Price kept me from obtaining a Sherman Filterbank as well, I’d add another synth beforing going in this direction. Anyway I really enjoyed their first T-Resonator back in the day, but never came back to them after picking up the hobby again.

    • Yeah it really is super ugly. You’d think such a well established company could do better. All that empty space, ugh.

  2. Thumbs up from me! Recordable filter parameters, FX, envelope followers, MIDI triggers, CV I/O, XY touchpad… sounds good!

    Hopefully the touchpad can record FX parameter loops.

    • It has a good amount of menus. here is a good video that shows the menu structure and the operation.
      I don’t have any info about a MK2.

      But Jomox is a tiny company that can’t make new versions super fast possible. They are now happy that the Moonwind MKII and modFM module is ready. I don’t see yet a MK2 version on the horizon.

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