ST Modular Alstaden, new DIY analog waveshaping oscillator for Eurorack

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News from ST Modular, Alstaden is a new DIY analog oscillator with subs, dual waveshaping, FM and built-in VCA. 

The German Stefan Tretau is one of the hardest working developers in the Eurorack world. He releases umpteen new modules per year under his ST Modular brand. However, he can only keep up this high pace because he is 100% focused on the development of modules. He does not produce and sell.

However, so that his modules can get into the hands of modular friends and musicians, he offers the circuit designs as a download, which you can then turn in a module in a DIY project. Shops like Exploding Shed or 3U Shop in Germany offer PCB kits for the modules, Pusherman from the UK even offers complete built modules. The newest ST Modular module is another interesting analog oscillator.

ST Modular Alstaden

ST Modular Alstaden

Alstaden is a new 16HP analog waveshaping oscillator that has a similar feature as the secondary oscillator of the semi-modular Synthesizer Europhoria, released back in July. The waves are formed by a combination of diode clipping and folding of the waveform by adding mirror images of the upper and lower parts of the waveform.

It has five different waveforms (wave A, wave B, pulse, sub, and sine), each adjustable with dedicated volume sliders. Wave A and wave B are both waveshapers and the heart of the oscillator. You can add harmonics to the waveforms usign the CV-controllable shape control for each waveshaper. Nice, wave B has a second CV input without attenuator that allows even more control over the wavefolding state.

PWM, FM, And External Waveshaping

For the pulse waveform, you get manual and CV-controllable PWM control with its own attenuator. Then, it has a suboctave with two stages (-1 and -2 octaves) and you can equalize the output of the oscillator with the TONE control. It accentuates either low or high frequencies of all waveforms. There is also an FM input that can generate either linear or exponential FM.

Besides its v/oct input, Alstaden also has an internal VCA that is controllable via the envelope input. It is exciting that you can use the module not only as an oscillator but also as a waveshaper. Patch the external in A and B and you can process external signal through the waveshaper. In this case, the internal sound generation is turned off.

At first glance, a solid DIY oscillator with an interesting feature set allowing a wide range of sounds.

Like every ST Modular, the module is again only available as a DIY project. It consists of two boards, a front PCB panel and a main PCB.  Shops like Pusherman in the UK will probably offer built versions. Price and availability TBA.

More information here: ST Modular 

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